York Age -new unit

I have a York packaged Furnace/AC with a serial# of (S) N0D5911303 Model number D1NP042N06506A. This unit cannot be more than 1 or 2 years old. It certainly isn’t a 1995 model as the “D” in the serial number would indicate from the Date code cheat sheet. The ANSI year is 1997.
Did York have a recent change in the date codes? Does anyone have a date for this unit? Thanks

My Prestons guide does not have that model… it is a few years old (guide)… 2000 and earlier models only… perhaps it is an 05?

It looks like there is something missing from the serial number. However, York is one of the larger manufacturers, and my research never has them more than three years off the latest code cycle, so if the ANSI date is 1997, then my guess is 1997-2000.

I don’t have a lot of information on packaged units because they usually are commercial units, and I’ve never dealt with commercial installations. The only two packaged units I’ve found out here were on commercial buildings.

Also, many times the letter in parentheses is a plant number and indicates that the unit was manufactured under contract by some other manufacturer. That’s why I say there appears to be something missing from that serial number. That style usually has a letter at the end of what you have there, followed by four to eight numbers. Personally, I think the workers at the contracted plant screwed up the serial number, so I’d go with 1997-2000 based on the ANSI date.