Double check me on these York furnace ages please

House was built in 2005.


041410 084.jpg

If the furnace is indeed 8 years older than the home, would you say anything about it?

Got an ANSI date?

According to York changed thier coding in 2004. The W as the first character would seem to follow the older units coding ('97,'01)

but the F as the second character would seem to follow the post 2004 coding. ('05,'05)

Did they look 13 / 9 years old?


If it were indeed older than the house, I would make verbal mention of it, but not in the report.

No ANSI date.

I came across this in my notes: " Newer systems: 1ST NUMBER AFTER THE 1ST LETTER IS THE YEAR. Example: W0D6228542 is a 2006 model"

I think both are 2005 which would be consistent with the home age. Thanks.

The first one is June 2005 and the second one is October 2005.

Russel has it correct…but that is no surprise. :smiley:

Thanks guys.

Both units manufactured in 2005