York Furnace age help

serial number eafm008459
model p3urd14no9501a

I believe the year of make is indicated by the third letter in the serial number(skip letters I,O,Q,U and Z)…f = 1976 or 1997.

You are correct Larry, thats a 1997 model #



hi,bought my house in 1982, came with this york furnace. model: ug080d08n-1b sn:hm381937 can anyone tell me the age of this furnace or what site my tell me? thanks, doug

If there are two letters at the start of the serial #, the first or second letter could be the year.

So you’ve got a furnace that was manufactured in 1978 or **1982. **

My information for York says third letter of S/N(1984+) is the year code but if it’s “h” it would be 1982.
For after 1984 3 letters at the begining of the S/N for York.

How about this one? Seller says it is new

Model: TG9S080C16MP11A
Serial: W0M9361734


Looks like a 2009 according to this site.

Thanks Chad!

I got these somewhere can’t remember where,I think one came from York. I hate getting old!!

Good stuff Ron, thanks.