York Heat Pump

Does this look right?

In what respect is your question? The unit appears to be level and clear of vegetation. It seems to be in sort of an alcove, but as long as it has breathing clearance it’s O.K.


I think I see a slight Iceing up problem .
I do not think it can get much heat for the home .
Roy Cooke

On second look it does appear to be icing. I thought the first time it was blurred picture.

If it is ice, is it coming or going? It could be just ready to start its defrost cycle, or just finishing and not functioning properly.

Depending on the type of refrigerant…

Newer heat pumps will ice up some normally, the defrost cycle is set with a DIP switch or jumper and may need to be changed to a shorter period but no less than 30 minutes.

If it is an older unit it is probably low on refrigerant.

York Heat Pump (1993)

In 1993 there was probally no solid state board on this unit. My guess would not be low on freon as a low charge will build ice but the defrost cycle should melt it away unless it is severely low and in that event you would have a low head pressure thus no heat inside and someone would be complaining. I would lean toward a problem with defrost. In any event the unit needs to be serviced.

I have observed ice problems on heat pumps simply because the weep holes in the bottom of the unit were blocked with leaves or the unit was not raised off of the pad.

That unit does have a circuit board. It’s a time and temperature board with a thermister on the liquid line. Depending on conditions that appears to be too much frost. I would write it up and have an eval.

I agree in the pic you can see the frost on the top frame outer edge for the fan motor.