York Heat Pump

What would cause a York Heat pump to not run in heat mode but to run fine in cold? Neither compressor or outside fan run in heat, but fine in cooling. Indoor air handler and Aux. heat work fine. No ice on coils outside but very cold weather. Thanks

Some York heatpumps have a setting on the circuit board that locks out the outdoor unit below a set temperature. This temperature is adjustable.

A bad reversing valve.

The reversing valve clicks on AC. The compressor and fan run with a manual contact. Could you please tell me how to lower or check the setting on the circuit board. Is it one of the jumpers, red or blue, located on the outside of the module? Thank you for the quick response.

You’d need the user manual. See if you can download it from the manufacturer’s web site.

Sounds like you are having some electrical issues which could be cause by incorrect wiring of the t-stat, air handler or compressor. I would check the low voltage, high voltage and wiring to start.

Also, the defrost board does a lot more than just control the defrost cycle on most units. A spare board off the internet is less than a service call from a tech.

Thanks for all your help.
Removed bushes surrounding heat pump. Sun came out today, temp reached about 50. Heat pump is now running fine. Low Temp Cut Off was set at -10. Balance Point was set at 40. Perhaps the temp sensor was encased in ice. We’ll see at the next cold snap. Thank you all for the incredibly fast responses. Good Network!