You post a script, I'll make you a free video ad for your inspection business.

I also need a copy of your logo, your market area, your web address, your phone number, any particular qualifications you have, anything about your inspection company that is somewhat unique, and a list of ancillary services you offer.

Who wants to be the first guinea pig?

I will give it a try

Wow!!! Thats awesome. You never cease to amaze me :slight_smile: I would do it if I could come up with the script and info that quick. I’ll have to take my time. Is this going to be a limited time offer? I would like to wait until I can call myself a certified infrared thermographer :slight_smile:

I will try to be the first to step up to the plate. We will work on putting it together to submit.

Logo attached.
North Florida

North Florida’s Premier Inspection Service

It’s up to you now !

Roy Lewis


I’ll write one. Figure on about 1 minute to 1.5 minute max?

Here goes? How’s this?..I’m an inspector not a writer…

Congratulations, you’re buying a new home! I’m sure you’re excited. Wait just a minute. You’ve got to make sure you’re buying exactly what you think you’re buying. You need a quality home inspection.

Your new home is a big investment, and you need to know everything about it, top to bottom, inside and out. You need a great inspection performed, by a real professional. You need to know the good, the bad and the ugly. You also need peace of mind that you’re making the right decision.

Mike Auger, Certified Master Inspector, will do just that. Mike provides an inspection that exceeds industry standards. He also provides an education about the home, especially useful for first time buyers. Mike takes advantage of the latest technologies to find defects, and produce a robust, easy to read report. Your report is delivered electronically the day of your inspection, no waiting for results. Mike is also there for you to answer questions after you read the report, or even after you buy the home.

You need an elite home inspector in Rhode Island. Contact Mike Auger, Certified Master Inspector, at Auger Enterprises, Inc. Be sure to ask about the advantages of inspections for home sellers too.

Call today for a no-pressure quote, to book an inspection, or with any questions at 401-578-4878, or visit online at

buyers inspections
sellers inspections
radon testing
water testing

all other info is in my signature block.

Nick, you are the bomb!
Do you sleep?

Anyway I’m in. Will work on it this Sunday!


Alright, I have a few. Let me build these, post them here for you all to look at, then we’ll go on from there.

So is this a limited offer or what? Will you hook me up once I am a little more educated?

Nick won’t be alive in 2050:shock:

Hu Huuu Hu :slight_smile: Good one …

Hu Huuu Hu Good one …

I keep getting different qualifications in every aspect I can.

Do you?


I forgot to add this…

Looking for a state licensed inspection service? We’re the home inspectors Gainesville and the surrounding areas keeps coming to for quality service! We do everything from General Home Inspection, Commercial Property Inspection, Apartment Building Inspection and much more. 1st Pro Home Inspection is the Gainesville areas Home Inspection Service you’ve been looking for. 1st Pro Home Inspection is also the North Florida home inspector that guarantees all their work.

1st Pro Home Inspection provides home inspection service throughout Gainesville and surrounding areas. 1st Pro Inspection does residential home inspection and commercial property inspection work. It doesn’t cost you a thing to call us and give you a free home inspection estimate. 1st Pro Home Inspection works with all budgets big and small, so there’s no need to worry.

1st Pro Home Inspection takes pride in all the work that we do and doesn’t leave the job until it’s done right. We at 1st Pro Home Inspection know there are other Gainesville area Home Inspection Services to choose from and we do our best to make sure the quality of our home inspection services stand out from the rest.

I’ve got one attached. What do you think?

Buying a home?

Your new home is in walking distance to a park, close to a great local restaurant and its located in the best school district in your city, and you love the fact its freshly painted, has a nice yard and room for 3 cars in the driveway.

Stop right there!
Are the furnace, water heater, electrical system in good operating condition? How about the roof? Does the basement get damp and moldy in the spring?

Fresh paint and clean mechanical systems can cover up a host of issues and although buying your next home is fun and exciting don’t buy only on emotion, buy your new home with confidence after a thorough home inspection.

Hi, I’m Paul Lesieur, the owner of Homestyle inspections and I promise to help you make your home buying decision a fact based experience. From the basement to the roof line Homestyle Inspections will provide you with the knowledge you need to make your transaction secure so you can enjoy the comfort of your new home.

Call Homestyle Inspections right now XXX-XXX-XXXX

What happen to this venture ?
I’m waiting .

We started building the new studio:

We are playing with some ad concepts:

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When do you figure the first vid will be processed ?