Zinsco Service Disconnect Panel

I ran accross a Sylvania (AKA Zinsco) panel today at a manufactured home. The only breaker in the panel was the 200 amp main disconnect. Because there are no branch circuits, is there less of a safety issue with the panel. The panel was quite rusty on the outside, but it looked OK on the inside. Thoughts?



It looks pretty cruddy to me. I’d treat it like a Zinsco–defer it.

Am I missing something,… there has to be dedicated circuit breakers for the home in a sub-panel somewhere??

Yes. There would have to be a sub-panel since the service entrance panel contained only a main.

Are you saying you couldn’t find it?

Yes, there was a distribution panel. But it is not the panel in question.

Paul, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re getting at about the dist. panel. What is the something that you are “missing”?

I don’t see much of a problem with this one in particular. There is only one (two-pole) breaker which is “locked” in place.

Based on the looks of everything, it doesn’t appear that anything has over-heated - i.e, no indication of poor or deteriorated connections at the bus bars (which is a primary problem with these panels).

I wouldn’t be real concerned with this one, but that’s just me.