Sylvania Electric Panel

Trying to determine if this is a bad panel that needs to be replaced. Also I don’t see a main breaker on it and am not sure of how many amp service. Researching the Sylvania- Zinsko panels raises a lot of flags but also is not definitive. Appreciate any feedback.




Did you find anything wrong with it?

The main is probably outside.

GTE Sylvania is a Zinsco panel. Most insurer’s will not accept it. Overspray is also a defect. Service disconnect may be at the meter location. If not, that’s another defect.

Despite the brand of the panel, the contamination within the panel will likely warrant replacement.

This is a sub panel and will not contain a “main” breaker.

No it seems to be working fine. No problems noted with panel other than paint over spray on the wiring. No signs of arcing or overheating. Biggest problem I have is most of the research I’ve done puts up flags but go on to say it is not certain and some of the panels were acceptable.

Don’t believe everything you read.

It is very hard to swim against the current IMO.

With so many people believing so much fake news these days sometimes it is easier to just agree with what everyone else says. :wink:

Ref: NEC Article 110.12(B) Integrity of Electrical Equipment and Connections.

If you are going to do 4 point Insurance Inspections you need to get a handle on the different types of electrical panels. That panel is a Zinsco.

No, technically/legally/actually, it’s a Sylvania…

Sorry, can’t do that. I will, however, step aside and let everyone else continue to be carried downstream… with the current… over the falls… :mrgreen:

No, it’s a GTE Sylvania (there is a difference latter down the line)…Zinsco design and parts with a different label.