ZIPLEVEL offers discount to NACHI members.

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Are you tired of lasers, rods, tripods, or water levels,
bubbles and endless computations?

Through the remainder of 2004, Technidea Corporation is
offering NACHI members a new ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 Precision
Digital Altimeter for as little as $449 and FREE shipping
through discounts and trade-in allowances - thats $350 off
the MSRP of $799.00. NACHI members will receive a discount
of $100. In addition we are offering a trade-in allowance
of $100 for any Digital Leveling Systems water level for
those interested in boosting their performance, profits and
professional image. We have considerable demand for
refurbished Compulevels (and Ziplevels) so we are offering
as much as $250 trade-in allowance for a Stanley Compulevel
depending on age and condition.

The revolutionary ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 takes the guesswork out
of home inspection while frequently boosting inspection
profits by $50 to $100. As the only instrument of its kind
in the world, ZIPLEVEL lets home inspectors add value to
their services, quickly and easily check for foundation
integrity, ceiling, roof or beam sag, rain gutter slope and
structural drainage. It has become the standard for home
inspectors, structural engineers, foundation contractors and
tens of thousands of other professionals world wide. Visit
our web site at for additional information
and call 800-805-LEVEL (5383) to order.

Teresa Bankson
Director of Marketing
Technidea Corporation

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