1/0 wire?

What do you guys make of this? This was in a 200 amp main breaker. 1/0 AWG or does it say 1/C? Never heard of 1/C but I haven’t seen everything yet. Want to make sure before I do final report. Thanks.

1 gauge.jpg

I believe 1/C is single conductor .

I agree. I don’t the wire size.

just strange to see AWG after it if it’s not the size

It absolutely says 1/0. That IS why it says AWG after. The lettering is scratched. Look at the “XHHW” lettering.

shouldn’t the 1 and the / have a line through it to then? unless it wasn’t a continuous scratch. odd though that that little part of the 0 got it to make it look like a C. It looked like 2/0 wire but after seeing this on the label I second guessed myself.

Good Eye Speedy. The “C” doesn’t match the other one.:oops:

Should be 2/0 feeding a 200 amp service.

yeah, no doubt 2/0 which is why I posted this to make sure about the 1/0, 1/C thing. I would sure hate to have said it was 1/0 and have an electrician come out and look at it and have him say 1/c and it was a 2/0 all along. anyone have any good sites to visually compare photos of wire gauge?

Scott…I don’t know of any sites but the wire does look like 2/0 from your picture…:smiley:

and the worst part is that this house is all electric. Heat pump, water heater, stove, dryer…the works!

I bet it is 2/0 then…:smiley:

i see the 0 in 1/0 looks like the 0’s in the 500 on the right side of the pic and nothing like the C in the word on the left side. I am going with 1/0 and gonna leave it in the hands of an electrician. I think I have enough ammo to defend myself and my recommendation, even if i am wrong. thanks everyone.

Just curious. Is this one conductor part of a multi conductor cable. XHHW insulation is usually associated with SE type cable?

main panel…2 sec wires.

If you look real close at the wire in the picture, you can see an almost indiscernible scrape in the “O” of the 1/0. The scrape lines up with the scrape in the XHHW…

Another thought…does each wire have to be 2/0 or is 2 1/0 conductors sufficient for 200 amp breaker?

Each leg must be 2/0.

that’s what i thought…so basically, what we appear to have here is 2 1/0 wires connected to a 200 amp breaker. Service is rated for 100 amps due to the 1/0 wires and electrician to eval and repair.

That is surely the biggest 1/0 wire I ever seen…!!!