Wire Gauge

Can anyone tell if the service conductors at thi panel appear to be 2/0. They seem smaller and the service is 150 amp. I was not able to find print on the cables and the wires do not look like 2/0 aluminum. Any insight would be appreciated.

Can’t really tell, but looks about right to me. There’s a lot of print showing on the left conductor, but I cant read it in the pic.

Given the care that the installer took to label the grounded and grounding conductors, it’s not likely that they’re going to get the gauge wrong.


The attached PDF file is a wire gauge template that prints out the size of a business card. The width of the wire gauge indicators should closely match the width of the wire with insulation. I just buy the self-sealing laminating material from Walmart and keep it in my wallet.

Looks like it could be #2/0. This panel is serving the entire load of the dwelling?

I agree they “look like” 2/0, but…

Chuck makes a great point about the installation!

BTW, you can purchase wire gauge calipers from any electrical supply. Most will recommend not placing anything into the panel, but I am not one. If you are that unsure of your ability to safely work in or about energized equipment, you should not be removing the cover in the first place. You are removing a very large, cumbersome, CONDUCTIVE metal cover when you access the panel. Far more dangerous that a wire gauge.

Very nice.

That doesn’t look like service equipment to me. It looks like load side equipment (sub panel) based on the lack of a disconnect and the four-wire feed.

You say the service is 150A. What is the size of the OCPD protecting the feeders to this panel?

Thanks Randy nice gauge.


Maybe its town homes or rowhomes w disconnects/breakers outside? Wonder where that 100A conduit is goin’ to…