$1,000 infrared camera discount for InterNACHI members!


Has anyone purchased this one? Pros and Cons compared to FLIR? Price?

Good deals on the raz-ir, but I think training is crucial before anyone decides to purchase a discounted camera.

Anyone can point this camera at buildings, walls and ceilings, and see the pretty colors, but correctly reading the IR image is the most important part of thermal scanning.

I can’t see where the manufacturer of this particular camera is offering training. I see several Manuals, but hands-on training is a must.

What is the price? What is the resolution.? What format are the pictures? Storage capacity? Dependable history?

They don’t mention pricing because they’re expensive little cameras.

You can find the SPECS here.

One of the guys in our BS training recently had one and Scott Wood (Instructor) reminded everyone that a camera made in China will drop into a black hole time-wise when it needs repairs

Recent pricing I have seen is $10K - $12K depending on the model you buy.

Seen them as low as 9K from a Google search.

The price they quoted me was $5,900, not $10 to $12k…


I am new to Thermal Imaging and I have been researching the RAZ-IR vs. the FLIR B-Cam. I came accros this forum while searching for the RAZIR

It is clear from their website that the RAZ-IR out performs the B-CAM in specifications and also has an entire kit (4 batteries, reporting software, 3 cases, and much more)

I was talking to one of their sales rep’s last week and he told me that if i buy the camera he would build me a FREE home inspection website for my business!

I don’t mean to be rude here, but I don’t see the point to your “made in china” comment. If you look at 90% of ALL electronics you will see that they are made in China. This however does NOT mean that the RAZ will drop into a “Black Hole”, unless you were to actually drop it into a black hole.

My point is the guys at SPI seem to understand the requirements for this industry and have spent serveral years perfecting the best device for all thermal, infrared applications. For $5,900 and a FREE home inspection website…it’s a great deal. Listen to this!

This is the bottom line(no pun intended)…my Sony Wega Plasma TV(yes, made in china) broke last week, i called the US company that I bought it from and they took care of it. Within 3 days i had my new TV delivered and the other one picked up.

Mark A

I own a FLIR BCam and attended the Building Science course. I think that if you are comfortable buying an infrared camera manufactured in China, by all means do so and keep in touch. FLIR cameras are manufactured and repaired in the U.S.

Actually they are not. FLIR cameras are manufactured in Sweeden


Yes, they are indeed manufactured in Swedan.

My question is…Does RazIR offer training?

What good is an IR camera if you can’t read and interpret it properly?

I’m currently shopping around…

Flir B Cams come from Sweden, from what I have been told - inform your instructor so that he gets his facts straight. Is anything made in the USA anymore - that doesn’t cost a fortune?

There is an option with the RAZIR camera called a VIP Warranty that provides you with a loaner unit within 24 hours - for a fee of course - but it lessened my concerns about warranty repair issues.

I haven’t bought anything yet, but the RAZIR specs are much better that the B Cam specs with TV rate imaging display, 1/10 of a degree sensitivity, better adjustable measurement points, full analysis software and weighing less than 10 ounces. Damn - those Chinese are good!

Judging by the price it’s almost surely a 120 x 120 resolution.

Mark, the information that a long time industry expert, with experience in this matter, shared with our class and I shared here is meant to help people make decisions on camera purchases. Use it as you wish. :smiley:

They are repaired here in OUR country. Please spend your money on the Chinese crap and let us know how it works for you. Have you solicited any feedback from any infrared technology forums regarding these cameras?

But repaired and re-calibrate in North Billerica Mass. A mere 1 hour ride for me.

And I was with Larry when he said it…

The camera is sent to China for repairs and may take a very long time to get it back.

Slow boat to China? LOL…:slight_smile: