$1,500.00 CMI image contest. 10 different winners. Enter now to win!

To enter the contest, simply post your image.

First place winner gets $400.
Second place winner gets $300.
Third place winner gets $200.
Fourth place winner gets $100.
Fifth place winner gets $100.
Sixth place winner gets $100.
Seventh place winner gets $75.
Eighth place winner gets $75.
Ninth place winner gets $75.
Tenth place winner gets $75.

In 1911, long before Al Gore invented the Internet, a newspaper editor named Tess Flanders, while discussing journalism and publicity, came up with the solution we need when she said, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

A picture really is worth a thousand words. But what image should a home inspector use to instantly convey that he/she is the very best? It is an image of you, the inspector, being presented with the Certified Master Inspector® award. Here is what to do:

First, have a custom award built at any local trophy shop. It should clearly show the words “Certified Master Inspector®” in large letters. Alternatively, they are available at: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/cmi-wall-plaque.aspx

Then, stage the photo shoot. Wear a nice shirt, preferably with your home inspection business logo on it. Perhaps have a fellow inspector, a local politician, or maybe a local real estate agent present you with the award.

Make sure they dress up for the photo shoot. You may want the presenter to hand you the award while also shaking your hand. You should both be smiling into the camera.

Smile and take the photo.

This image conveys two parallel messages at once. The first is that you are a Certified Master Inspector®, which means that you’re the best. And the second is that you’re such a good inspector, you’re getting an award for it. It really is a killer image – concise and powerful!

Put this image on the homepage of your inspection business website. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a photo of you being awarded your Certified Master Inspector® professional designation says it all.

Hanging it on your office wall is nice, but won’t generate any sales. This image on your homepage will stop visitors to from moving on to check out your competitors’ websites by instantly convincing them that they’ve found the right inspector… you!

And finally, post the image here on this message board thread. We’ll announce the 10 winners and send everyone their $$$.

From Vegas in 2013

Great idea, Nick.
Good luck to all.

Vegas 2013 Convention

So Cal 2015

Toronto 2013

Roy Cooke an Will Decker Toronto NACHI conference .


Roy Cooke doing his radio show .

Char Cooke at one of the Real-estate shows .


Being presented the CMI plaque

We have fewer entries than prizes. C’mon guys, you should have this PIC on your home page. Submit it here.

I recently ordered a CMI plaque but was told I would receive around Xmas.

I would like to submit my recently updated business card sticker that Jessica is about to send to the printer. (used for Now you had your Home Inspection book, magnets and marketing)

Hers a couple for you.

Your truck looks like a realtor truck begging for any business. Sorry, I would strip off all that crap off your ride. Keep it simple and professional…not like a Las Vegas show.

I like it Greg

Nick is this contest over?

For you, it probably is

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa Good one. Merry Xmas to you. Funny how you show up on the forum on the only day you can win FREE STUFF :D:twisted:

I’m here several times a day every day of the week. Merry Christmas to you as well.