$1,000.00 Best-Looking Certified Master Inspector Vehicle Contest.

To enter: Simply post PICs of your Certified Master Inspector inspection vehicle.

Cool! To dark for me until tomorrow. I know I will not win but hey it will be nice to see who has got the full package.

I do.:slight_smile:

I just read on a thread KW (WAFI) started where two veteran CMI’s stated the CMI Logo “didn’t make a bit of difference after 2 years, which is why you don’t see any reference to it on my website”. The other replied “At the time I received the Designation, it was $375. In any case I am in the same boat as what ***** just posted”.

Are you saying that you want to check out everyone’s package?:mrgreen:

Couldn’t pass it up, not trying to pile on.

Good one Dave. LOL

Ok here they are. Haven’t gotten my stickers yet but have ordered them. When they come in they will go on the rear quarter panel beside my name.

photo 2 (4).jpg

photo 1 (4).jpg

photo 1 (5).jpg

photo 2 (5).jpg

Certified Master Inspector is the #1 best thing to lead with in your marketing and this includes your vehicle (moving billboard) . It’s instantly understandable as the best by consumers who know nothing of our industry.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask you Aunt Penny. Lay out everything you have on your dining room table: You association logos, your InterNACHI decals, your insurance information, your state license, your own logo, you certifications, your Level X thing, your IAC2 certification, your course transcript… everything. Also, slip in a Certified Master Inspector decal. Then ask you dear ol’ Aunt Penny to sift through it and pull out the one thing that would most cause her to choose you over another inspector.

You need not report the results of your experiment… it’s been done before and the results are always the same.

Consumers rarely buy homes and so don’t follow our industry with any interest. Worse, they don’t do much research either… they make their choice of inspector in about 5 seconds. That’s all the time you get to convince them to choose you… 5 seconds. These three little words “Certified Master Inspector” accomplish the task with 2 seconds to spare… every time.

Unless you see another spot that may be better Nick

In your case over the GPI.

Shut up Kevin, if I want your opinion I’ll ask for it in language you can understand. Like talking to a toddler!!:roll:

So I just checked the mail and low and behold what is in the mail, my stickers.
I ran out and taped them on the truck. Give me an honest opinion where you think I should put them. Not a B.S. answer like Kevin’s.

photo 1 (7).jpg

photo 2 (7).jpg


Greg, you are currently in the lead to win the contest.

I think it is better closer to your name.

Thanks Dan.

Isn’t Russ automatically gonna win this with his tricked out van?

When you win though, you owe me a Timmy’s

What would it look like on the rear side window below the 9912?

Nice job Greg…

Greg - Consider one on your tailgate or back window. I have always thought when someone is behind you going the same speed you have the best chance to make an impression.

John Taylor