1-877-INSPECT for sale.


Now where did I put my checkbook…?

Almost a full year’s income for a phone number? You can have it Ronald. . . :wink:

i bid tree fiddy but it didnt work


I can afford the shipping!:stuck_out_tongue:

Its the same guy that was selling the notebook planners awhile back.

Hi to all,

that is a very nice # to have, but for me it would have to generate roughly $25k of business per annum to make it work, having said that some multi inspector firms may see the value in it.



They can 438-5678

I once bought a number for my roofing business 1-800-800-roof, it was about a break even proposition. It’s all about how you market the concept. I agree with Gerry, it might be worth for a multi-inspector firm, but for the individual, the call me now button offers the same feature for your clients, which is a free call.

Perhaps NACHI should buy the number, and have the client enter in a zip code, which will call an inspector in the area at random…just a thought.

Did you know that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has a similar number? 1-877-HI4SALE.

NACHI owns 1-877 FIND-INS


By way of explanation I put the number and trademark etc. up for sale because of an unfortunate situation that has my family in desparate need of some immediate cash. I do not want to sell it completely because I have built my home inspection business on this number and get a great response. We are trying to resolve the problem in other ways (I hope) so I have removed the auction for now. If someone would like to have use of the number in thier local area I will make it available to them. Just email me off the Board and we will talk. Otherwise thanks for your consideration and understanding.