1-day electrical inspection training in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 30, 2007.


Ok, Colorado Nachi members-I am thinking… Road Trip! :stuck_out_tongue: Any one interested let me know.

Wow…had no idea I was going to New Mexico…Man…am I on the MOVE or what…so much so I don’t even know where Im going…lol

Gets some guys together Jamie…I’ll bring the FUN !

Another NM road trip?

Here are pictures of the last trip :smiley:


Driving there might be fun but I am sure glad I was able to fly. Driving with a hangover is never fun :bug:


YOu are right about that…riding as a passenger sux as well…:wink:

March 30th, New Mexico is on my calender.

What do ya say, guys?
Tony, Jim, Sean… or anyone else feel free to jump in here.

Tony, I owe ya a beer(but I don’t wanna talk about Broncos now:roll:

Not sure if I’m going or not…pretty sure I won’t be parking at the car dealership this time though…