Colorado Guys...Car Pool to Albuquerque?

Anybody want to share a ride to Albuquerque for their chapter meeting on the 28th of March? Looks like a good one…

My truck is a gas hog…but I can fit 4-5 if necessary…I’m guessing it will take 3 tanks of gas round trip at $60+ per tank…share a hotel room for the nite and return on the 29th…anybody?

The speakers look to be good…Nick will be there if you want to meet him, I do, and I am hungry for info.

Email me, PM me, answer on this thread…call me…lets try and figure this out. I’m guessing I want to leave early am on Tuesday the 28th…I have made that drive many a time going back and forth to Phoenix for my other business…5-6 hours max…

Let me know…

Thanks in advance…

Tony, I will see you there.

Come on Colorado guys lets get a NACHI road trip together. I think it is a 6 hour drive.

You flyin’ D?

Or want to ride w/ me…I’m a relatively safe driver :wink:

I need a road trip…

How old are u?


Trick question…at the moment I don’t have any trick answers…sigh

I am sending out emails tonight and try to get a NACHI road trip. I do not know if I am flying or driving yet.

If I’m not old enough…can I still be a part of the carpool?

Tony, in case you didn’t know about Dee, she only dates older men. I’m hoping for my chance but by that time I’ll probably be eligible for 10% off at Dennys.

Deanna is a great traveling companion. I went to Estes Park with her when I was out at HQ last October. In fact, I took the photo that is her avatar.

In that case… I just turned 38…and if you are kidding Nick…I just turned 22…

Oh whatever Nick :roll:
This is not Deanna’s dating thread

Stay on the topic - NACHI Road trip w/ NACHI staff

A young punk, ay?

38 feels old sometimes…but right this minute, I feel like a teenager :wink:

I feel like a teenager, too. Do you know any who would be interested?

Did you hear that whooshing sound as D left this thread? Poooofed!

I have a meeting to go to. This is a fun thread I will be back. I hope I can get some more people to drive with us.

I’d come pick you all up but since I’m hosting the meeting and picking Steve up at the airport I figure I’d better stay here in Albuquerque:cool:

WOW!!!I’m gonna get to meet Tony COOL!!!
I’v always enjoyed your posts

What am I friggin Joe Peschi? I keep hearing this…I’m getting a clown complex… :frowning:

btw…where is the AFTER PARTY?

After Party!!!
I’m old and don’t drink anymore (kinda boring that way) Plenty of places close by for partying we’ll see what there is out there.

p.s. I was referring to the colorful posts on your inspections seems you are getting all the nuts right from the start:twisted: