1-day mold certification, ANY TOWN YOU WANT IT! We'll come to you.

Want a 1-day mold certification course in your town? We’ll come to you. Just let me know where you want us to hold it.

Thats in the kansas city metro! Whats involved?

Carl, Contact Jason at http://www.certifiedhomeinspections.info/chapters/kansascity/ and see if he wants to do it. If not, then you and I will put it together.

Will these be free courses to members or will there be a fee?

See, http://www.nachi.org/events.htm They have always been free. We’ve done many dozens already. Some local chapters charge a little sometimes to pay for food.


April 15th.

Unless you think there is a better time.

Awesome! I was wanting one of these.

That would be nice :D( New Castle Delaware)

How about Dallas, TX??

Do you think this can be good here in Puerto Rico and what will the cost be?
Let me know ASAP and we can put in agenda.

They said Jason is out of the country!

A 1-day mold certification? I think a one day overview would be nice but if I state advertising a 1-day certification in my state I would get a lot of flack from the state organization and plenty of inspectors and a few greedy industrial hygienists.

Nick, Inspector from the Hudsonvalley area in New York. Would love to see a Mold cert. class in this area. We have a large membership base in this area. It would have a great turn out. I definitely want one so I can add this to my service. Let’s see if we can work this-great idea Nick.

Does May13th work for everyone who is involved?

Nick, what about a NACHI ID certification badge for those that have been certified by Pro-Lab, ESA etc. I know that you guys were developing a NACHI mold ID…

John, here is what I’ve done on that so far: http://www.nachi.org/iac2certified.htm but much like CMI, there exists a lot of argument over what the requirements are. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Wendy, there won’t be time that day.
It’s a full 8-hr presentation

This would be great, please have your mold certification course somewhere in the Baton Rouge area…I think the response would be great!

please have your mold certification course in the Baton Rouge area…the response would be great!

Larry, you have the mold certification somewhere in the Baton Rouge area. This is for you to have. http://www.nachi.org/form.htm

Larry, your sitting on a great opportunity - both to form a chapter and to spearhead a slew of NACHI Certified Mold Inspectors in your area!

Go over http://www.nachi.org/form.htm
carefully- if you need assistance, or a speaker, let me know!
email- ChapterSupport(at)Nachi.org