1 picture says it all

Low slope roof.

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 145.JPG

thank you?

What does it say Kevin?

I see a 4" Selvaged edge roll roofing installed on a roof of more than 1/12 pitch.

Does it say more than that?

Roll roofing is one of the simpliest ways & cheapest ways of installing a water shedding roof.
Although not recommended for house roofing, it is ideal for sheds & garage roofs that have a pitch of at least 9.5 degrees.

Used it many times as an apprentice. :):wink:

Proving you were up early ?

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I don’t hear anything either!!??

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Sorry I thought you could see the row of raised nails.

Kevin, I thought I had missed that, so I went back and expanded the picture to 400% and do not see an issue with raised nails.

I actually found that the install was actually very good based on my previous install experience. :slight_smile:

2009 IRC R905.5.2 Deck slope. Mineral-surfaced roll roofing shall not
be applied on roof slopes below one unit vertical in 12 units
horizontal (8-percent slope).

*Code commentary: *Although mineral-surfaced roll roofing provides a virtually
weather-tight roof surface, it is still necessary that
water flow be positive toward the drainage points.
Therefore, a minimum slope of 1:12 is mandated for
roof decks that are covered with mineral-surfaced roll

There was a big problem Marcel the roof nails were even coming through in some spots. Other nails where sideways and the roof was not rolled correctly along with lack of bonding. It was over 1:12.
Other thing is we must go by OBC 2006 here in SSM On.
The roofers left raised nails everywhere.
I decided to put only one picture in to see if anyone caught it with the sun going down.

The ladder is not extended far enough.

That was not my ladder and it also was set at too steep an angle. I explained this to my Client when doing this inspection.
You guys want to see some more pictures?
This roof company did not use any roller at all.
Marcel it is time you got glasses if you blow it up 400% and seen nothing wrong.:shock:

I have to agree from the photo it looks good to me.

Is there a close up of any of the defects your describing? Looks a little bit older, but thats about it.

2 weeks

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 012.JPG

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 001.JPG

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 019.JPG

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 005.JPG

479 River Rd Sept 6 2012 010.JPG


Sometimes one have to misplace a footstep to get the point accross.:wink:

Those raised seems in pic 51 were all about nails waiting for the opportunity to show their heads and cause a leak…

That is correct! It was put here to make HI’s think first about raised nails before writing up the roof is fine from one picture.

Your helper fell off the roof?

So 1 picture doesn’t say it all I guess?

It doesn’t say who’s going to win the Formula 1 race in Texas in November.

Was the home built under the 2009 IRC?