10 California Pool Safety Act Myths

I keep seeing agents, buyers and even other inspectors being confused about the new pool law, and quite a bit of mis-information being posted on facebook and other places.

So I made a blog on 10 California Pool Safety Act Myths

10 California Pool Safety Act Myths - IM Home Inspection

Great information Ian.

Ian, on your blog you mentioned that its a myth that there is no grandfathering in, I read the bill and it states…

"This is part of our series on new California laws taking effect in 2018.

California swimming pools and spas built or remodeled starting in 2018 must have a second safety feature to protect children from drowning.

That’s the main requirement in a new law that takes effect on Jan. 1, 2018 and aims to boost safety.

State law since 1998 has required new or remodeled pools and spas have at least one safety measure such as a fence, a cover or an alarm."

I read this as build or remodeled pools from 2018 onward are affected by this, can you help clarify this for me?

Thank you!

On new construction and remodels, the 2 items will be enforced via the permit process. Assuming anyone gets a permit and the local permit office enforces it.

But as far as home inspectors reporting on pools, there is no grandfathering. We must report if there are less than 2 items on every pool located at a single-family residence.
However, who, if anyone, is going to make the buyer or seller meet the requirements is not explained in the law.

Home inspectors just report.

What happens after we report is out of our hands.

Ahh, copy that! Thanks for the response. Very good info.