How many years have you been a member of nachi!

Was wondering how many members have been with Nachi for over 5 years.

Do a get a pin when and if I make it to 5?

What about 10 years?

I have been a member for 4 years.

You can tell by the NACHI ID number on the membership roster, I believe.

**Nicks join date is 8/5/02.

Is Nick the founder of Nachi. When was Nachi Started?

This is from an old thread.

Nick Gromicko
Founder of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) (

Nick Gromicko is an activist for the inspection industry and a speaker at dozens of inspection events every year. After three years of military training in the 1980’s Nick accepted a position as a Research Analyst for the University of Pittsburgh’s Nuclear Physics Department. Four years later he left to form several multi-inspector firms, eight environmental companies, and two laboratories. As a REALTOR with RE/MAX, Nick was one of the country’s first agents to work solely with buyers. In 1990 he founded NACHI which grew into the world’s largest inspection trade association, host to nearly 500 events a year, with a 205,000-page, 100 million+ hit per year main site, over 4,000 websites, and a nearly 300,000-post, free speech message board. In the mid 1990’s he sat on the Board of one of the largest public sewer authorities in the country and was President of Northtowne Custom Homes. Nick owns a New York ad agency, a Wyoming mining company and an off-road accessory manufacturing company. He is author of two books and dozens of inspection-related articles. He helped start a school for children, a free health clinic, a food bank, and the Master Inspector Certification Board which administers the inspection industry’s Certified Master Inspector professional designation and where he volunteers as its Director. He is also a board member of REALmatcher, Inc., Reports, Inc., the Florida Association of Professional Home Inspectors, and the International Society of Home Inspectors. Nick lives near the continental divide in Nederland, Colorado, population 1,394 at what he calls “the top of the world.”

Nick and Chris told me that NACHI was founded in 1994 and the Message Board in late 2002. I’ve been a member since March 2003–so far I’m the only one in the poll with membership of more than five years. I don’t have a five-year pin, though. Darn.

JB is correct. Your NACHI ID# reveals your date joined. The first 2 numbers are the year, the second 2 numbers are the month, the third 2 numbers are the day, and the last 2 numbers are arbitrary. So if you joined on July 4th, 1996, your ID# would be NACHI960704XX. NACHI and InterNACHI share a common ID generation system and so you get one ID#.

It has a flaw: The deadwood project. If you ever left or were deleted and then rejoined (a common practice… they all come back to the farm sooner or later), you would have been assigned a new number which would not reveal that you had been a member earlier. If you recall your old number we can restore it but otherwise when deadwood deletes a member, all records are completely electronically deleted just as if we kept a paper file and ran it through a shredder.


Are there Nachi pins out there? Can they make 5 year pins. RR should recieve one.

That’s good to Know…when I get my stuff out of storage, I’ll find my old ID# and get it restored. How do I go about this Nick?

What he said! or I said

You got me by 3 months.

You guys have just sparked an old memory from an old friend from this Association.

I believe a 5 year pin would be in order for the Members.

Now, if we can all convince Nick to not spend so much on the weekends, he might consider paying for the pins yearly for the five year veterans. :slight_smile:

I would call this the Veteran Award;

  1. PURPOSE The purpose of this Award is to provide a means of recognizing and honoring Members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors who have completed proscribed five years of service as Home Inspectors.

  2. **Eligibility. **Members who have completed five-years of total, benefit-eligible service to INACHI will be eligible for service pin recognition. New pins will be awarded for each additional five years of service. Only Members of INACHI will be counted, not service to other state agencies or other Home Inspection Associations. Five consecutive years of service will be mandated. Determining eligibility is the responsibility of the Awards Committee.

  3. Service Pin Design. The service pin itself will be a replica of the INACHI seal and approximately one inch (1") in diameter with the total number of years of service engraved at the bottom.

  4. Presentation. The service pins will be presented annually. Well, guys and girls, what do you think? Can we convince Nick in providing me with the funds to pursue this or what? OK Nick, your up. Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Done. Tell me what you need and I’ll get it.

Feb 03 for me.
I think a pin is a great idea!


Thanks Nick, and I am on it. Will get back to you as soon as I put it together.

Another fine gesture and appreciation from INACHI for the Members.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I just renewed for year six this morning.

Need a couple more years, but they are coming!

Dont worry they go by fast enough.

Member since 10/29/2001

Premature- another month to go.

Hey, now we are finding out who the old Bucks are. :wink:

Nice going there Joe.

Good luck to you for another three years and I will send you two pins. ha. :wink: ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: