100 Amp Service 200 Amp Breaker

Left Side 100 Amp service #2/Alum service conductor.
200 Amp Main Breaker
200 Amp panel

Right Side
100 Amp sub panel

Center Main service wiring Spliced

? is the 200 Amp breaker ok on this, it’s still 100 Amp service

There are several problems with the 200 amp OCPD being one of them.

The 100 amp conductors need to be protected at their ampacity.

Here’s something HON said: . If you are talking about what appears to be 100 amp service conductors coming to the home from the pole, then up-sizing to a 200 amp panel - that can be OK as long as the 100 amp service lines are open to the air for cooling and any conductors feeding the panel from the meter base are properly sized for a 200 amp panel. Really?? Open air cooling

The sizing rules for the overhead triplex is covered by different rules, not the NEC.