100th Grey Cup Game

The 100th Grey Cup Game is just about to start and my prediction is Calgary 36, Tarona organ-nuts 24

I’m thinking 28 Calgary 24 Torona

Sorry Guys but since you are on the west I predict 28 Argos and 21 Stamps.:smiley:

7 Argos and 3 Stamps first 1/4

14 Argos and 3 Stamps

Great game. Watching it on NBC Sports…


24 Argos and 6 Stamps 1/2 Time

don’t know if that lead will be big enough. Stamps are a second half team…

Yep I expect a come back and a close game but I still have to say that Calgary is going to be stomped or is that stamped by Argo’s. Pun intended.

Of course with all that HORSE POWER they may just Stampede over top the Argo’s in the last quarter.

27 Argos and 11 Stamps for those that can’t watch the game!

34 Argos 14 Calgary with 5 minutes remaining.

wow did I ever call this one wrong…

35 Argos to 22 Calgary. I must say they did start a stampede at the end but it was not enough.

Well I was close…I said 36 to 24…just had the teams in the wrong order