I am ready for some IRISH football!

Let the games begin!

Penn State Game Day Shirt.jpg

"I am ready for some IRISH football!"

Is that like Leprechauns playing soccer with a green ball, running around the field drinking “Guinness”??? BRILLIANT!!

I’m sorry that you’re ready for some IRISH football . . . just givin’ you a bad time . . . any football is better than NO football . . . (my uncle would agree with you - I think he bleeds green).

I took a bunch of Boy Scouts to the CU game in Boulder today.

Go Cats!

Seems like CU had bigger issues than Gary Barnett.

The Irish dodged a bullet today, hope they got that first game jitters out of the way.

Go Ducks!
Time to unleash some “gang-green” in the nut house (Autzen Stadium)!

This is my favorite time of year.
Isn’t it great to live in the U.S.?

NEBRASKA ROCKS. Look out boys, we’re back…

v O L S Go Vols Go

John, I don’t think so!!!:roll:

So much for the “new” rules cutting down on the time it takes to play a college football game. At least not when ND is playing and the networks try to make their nut for the year on each game with advertisements aimed at the massive audiences that ND attracts.

Had a good day on www.tradesports.com though. Won bets on Penn State -16.5, Ohio State -17.5 and USC -8.5. I even won on ND by closing out my position on the upside when ND rallied early in the second half. Lost on Washington State +14.5. Plus $42 and change for the day.

Um… go Wildcats?

OK, stop laughing. At least we Chicagoans have the Bears, the Cubs, the Bulls, the Blackhawks…

Oh, never mind. :roll:


Hey Joe,

You are a man after my own heart. I sure wish that you were going to Vegas next month.

You and me both. I was especially looking forward to Jamie’s fish identification tutorial.

Sigh. Well, there’s always Toronto.


I think so!!!

49-10 in front of a crowd of 85,000 people.

Kansas opened the 2006 season with a 49-18 victory against Northwestern State at Memorial Stadium on Saturday night.

A crowd of 44,025 - the largest home-opening crowd at Memorial Stadium since 1994

September 30th & October 14th should be interesting days.


I must admit, they looked pretty darn good, but they should have against a lesser opponent (LA Tech). KU special teams have to improve considerably for KU to play Nebraska on the 30th. Hopefully they (KU) will improve this part, I am not worried about the offense or the defense, they were both pretty solid and should give Nebraska a run for thier money if not beat them in Husker Land. What I was saying, this team (Nebraska) is not close to the teams of old as John was implying I think (he needs to clarify what he means - we’re back), They ain’t back and the other teams in the BIG 12 North division have there number. The winner of the BIG 12 will come out of Texas again this year. What shocked me, was seeing Colorado losing to Montana State, now that was an upset. Who ever bet on Montana State, won some money that night.


I’ll state it here first, I’m no fan, but with their defense, the Miami Hurricanes will win the mythical college football championship.

Go Irish!

I hope not. I have the Seminoles at 3/2 tonite.


I dunno Nick, looks like you were scrapin with Deanna again, and she got the best of you! :mrgreen: