107 Degrees in Dallas

107 Degrees in Dallas. Can we say Hot?

I met a man on the plane the other day who was tranferring
from up north to a new job in Texas. He said he was worried
because the temperature was getting up to 85 degrees and
he was not sure if he could endure the heat.

I started laughing… and told him it will not be long before
he will be praying for 85 degrees so he can cool off

He doubt he is still alive by now…:slight_smile:


I haven’t checked yet today but I bet I have 107 beat by atleast 10 degrees today here in Kuwait :wink: lol

For those who feel it necessary to venture into attics and other confined spaces during a heatwave, remember the realities of heat exhaustion, exhertion, rapid dehydration, and the dangers of heat stroke.

It’s no joke.

Be careful out there.

114F in La Quinta, CA two days ago during an inspection at PGA West. 132F in the attics during the inspection. 3900’sf single story with full attic over every bit of it. I soaked a towel in water and put it in the frig for about an hour before doing the attics. I wrap it around my neck and take a bottled water with me for the 30 minutes of attic time. I don’t know how the local inspectors deal with that area, its brutal out there. I arrived on location at 8:45 AM and it was 100F, Yikes!

On another note. The AC systems were left completely off in this vacation home. It was 95F - 96F - 97F at the three stats upon entry. I let the three units run for the entire 4.0 hour inspection. The casitas dropped to 81F, the interior room temps varied from 85F - 88F and would not drop any further. I tried to explain to the buyers that you can’t let the house get that hot and expect the central air systems to drop the temp to 78F during the blistering heat of the day. They asked the owners if they could leave the units set @86F and come back the next day for round two, seller agreed. I heard from the buyers agent that the next morning it took the systems about 1.5 hours to drop the interior temp from 86F to 78F…

Same equipment, same outside temperature, but a different interior start temperature. Its all about knowing the systems limitations and also realizing that the entire structure gets hot, not just air, but walls, furniture, flooring, etc… It all plays apart in the world of conditioned air…

Stay Cool!

I told my mother it was 110 degrees in the shade here, she said don’t stand in the shade then!

Right in the beautiful woods of New Hampshire it is …77-degrees and tonight it will get down to 61-F :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The rest of the week is predicted to be the same… "Highs in the 70’s and “Lows” in the sixties!:smiley:
    I grew up in Houston Texas where I remember in the “triple digit summertime” that if you parked your car / pick-up truck and went into a store for more than one hour it got so hot that you would actually burn your hands on the steering wheel.

I also remember that if you went to the beach you had to have a large towel to drape over the seats so that you would not BURN your legs on the hot upholstery! :twisted:

I have been in New Hampshire since 1985 and Man O Man I do NOT miss the “Summers in Texas”

TS Edouard came shore this morning near Boliver Peninsula. I was at my boat on Galveston Bay over the weekend and didn’t even hear about that storm that brewed up Sunday morning in the Gulf until I got back to Austin. From real-time TxDOT weather reporting stations Kemah and the western part of Galveston Bay were spared the brunt of the wind & rain. That’s good as either I want my boat to be completely safe or completely destroyed…nothing in between thank you.