Inspecting attic areas

I live in sacramento california and it is going to be around 106 degrees this afternoon. i have an inspection and i am assuming the attic in the building will be around 130 degrees. does anyone know at what temperture its to dangerous to inspect the attic area. thanks

I routinely inspect attics in excess of 140 degrees from April to October each year without any issue (other than perspiration ;-)). I would imagine that the guys in AZ and TX have similar conditions. You must determine what is safe for you depending upon your health.

Yes, I also routinely inspect 140°+ attics. It was 107° here in Austin last Friday so the attics were scorching. I spend as little time as possible there and Blaine is right, you need to determine what is safe for you. Mine is about 160° for no more than 10-12 minutes without a 10 minute breather.

And LOTS of water/Gatorade!

God has installed plenty of warning systems within your body to let you know when something is wrong…its up to you to pay attention to same and take appropriate action.

With that said…depends on how long I am going to be there…obviously if you enter in an attic and the heat is overwhelming then document the temperature and why it was not inspected.



pretty sure above 212 You will boil…below that i inspect them…jmho…jim

It’s a good idea to let someone know you are up there, should you pass out.

Inspected one on Friday that was 160 deg. I always wear my cool vest and drink plenty of water. Don’t stay up there longer than you need to and be sure someone is around the hatch just in case something goes wrong.

You may wind up dead before anyone knows your even missing.

You may in fact die on your way to the next job.

I’m sure all these brave soles don’t spend much time up there…

You won’t even know what hit you!
Unless you realize your being Stupid!

If you quit sweating at any time, get help.

        I live in Florida and the attic get very hot, June thru September i try to schedule appointment early am. But sometime it doesn't happen i tell my Buyer or Agents, When i am going into the attic or Crawl space if i am not out in 15 Minutes call the fire department, And i clock it with real time when going into the attic or Crawl space. they think i am joking when i tell them that, But when you here on the News that a Cable person or Alarm person has Die in the Attic they think again like NACHI SAID SAFETY FIRST.

Take a wet towel with you. I drape it over my head or wrap it around my neck. Helps a lot.

OK, it was 104° in Austin today and this was the reading in the attic…not the underside of the sheathing, just the middle part of the attic space.

Is this you southern guy’s reward for escaping winter? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had one last week black roof 95 out 165 in the attic only a quickie ,

Ok guys it will take at lest 30 to 45 min at a 160 for your core temp to rise to a temp thats harmful (if healthy) i cant remember the last time i spent that much time in a attic even in good weather.

I can easily spend that much time and more on a 4,000 sf home with 2 furnaces, 2 a/c systems, 2 water heaters, inspecting for structural issues, etc in the attic(s). If you are saying that our observations and concerns are unfounded then I invite you to spend some time in the great S/W during the summer.

lol Much different when all the mechanicals are up there. :slight_smile:

Mechanical in the attic?

Why would you do that when you have a perfectly fine basement?:mrgreen:

You know, them southern fellers…

<cue banjo>](

I got furnaces, hot water tanks and water lines in some these places, Bathroom fans and so on, take about 30 45 minutes on a nice day, on a hot day longer , because it wears you down.