11 month warranty scope / contract

I am considering creating a 11 month warranty inspection that has a slightly reduced scope from my typical inspection. This would only apply to homes that I initially inspected before close. All others would have a standard residential inspection. Additionally, I am getting requests for clients what want me out every year. Maybe they just miss me. I was thinking of creating some sort of annual maintenance inspection. Does anyone do this an have any tips or advice to offer?

Since you’re asking for opinions I’ll provide mine. For a typical one year warranty the one year warranty is the last chance a homeowner gets to make claims against the Builder for anything covered up to the one year mark. I run mine as way more than a full TREC type home inspection. I also include aesthetic items that are a result of poor finish out as well as poor finish out that the Builder might try to claim is “routine homeowner maintenance”. Whether the Homeowner gets the Builder to repair them or not they now have it on record that the condition existed.

The only time I reduce the scope of the inspection is if the client wants it reduced for whatever reasons they have, even if I performed their final inspection. Houses change and even poor workmanship that may appear aesthetic can take some time to display itself.

As for the annual maintenance inspection concept you can certainly give it a try. It might work or because of typical human nature it probably won’t result in much business.

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for the 11-month inspection do you still use the 7-5? Does TREC require the 7-5 for 11-month inspections?

I use the 7-5 format meaning the TREC form with all of the TREC information removed. I use it for all inspections on residential properties from phase ground breaking to 11 month. For inspections that do not use or need the other sections they are removed. I do this so the client can follow along and compare with their previous report(s).

TREC only controls property inspections for homes that are being sold or considering for sale and only those that are substantially complete. By substantially complete that refers to new construction final inspection. TREC does not control one year warranty inspections so you are free to use any format you want.

My advice would be to not call it an inspection. Call it a “Follow up Review” OR “Review”. Calling it an “inspection” binds you to the standards that you are required to follow.