Re-Inspection of New Construction

Would like to hear thoughts from the group on:

  1. Do you charge full price for an 11-month (warranty) inspection when you return? Why or why not? One company near me does them for free.

  2. If not full price, what is different in your new report vs. prior report?


For me, report is the same and the price is the same. However, a discount extended to a repeat customer is probably not a bad thing.

Nothing like a race to the bottom, eh?


Full inspection for me. When people call for a new construction inspection i usually tell them to wait until 11 months. Builders, even reputable ones, generally aren’t crazy about home inspections. I’d rather do a full price inspection after four seasons have passed, most settlement and shrinkage has occured and the clients have made their own list.

Just finished one. Reputable builder. Square D recalled panel (included the full recall page with his panel number highlighted). Smoke only in the hallway outside the bedrooms (should be combo). Loose toilet in hall bath (shared wall with master bath), client complained of faint sewer smell. They could live there for ten years and never find any of that stuff.


I usually charge about $50 less than a purchase inspection, only because it does go a little faster. Since they already live there, I don’t typically put in all the home information. (Shut off locations, filter location, sizes, etc)
Plus, unlike a new construction inspection, you are only concerned with things that the builder will actually address. (You dont have to report on any stains or damage that the owners have caused)

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We charge around 2/3 the original price and do the exterior, roof, attic and crawl + anything they want looked at inside (usually just shrinkage cracks, etc.). What we don’t do is windows/doors, test outlets, run fixtures or HVAC - saves a lot of time for sure. I just call it a re-inspection and put it on a short/easy form rather than a whole new report template.

Charge full price. There’s no reason to discount an inspection.


Isn’t some of that required in your SOP?


Those are the things I dial in on, especially windows, doors and HVAC. I keep it simple, new inspection like I had never been there. Conditions change.

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New, old, or 11 months old, a home inspection is a home inspection.

I charge full price.

You’re taking on the same liability regardless of the age of the house.


Good point. Not to mention the spot on the schedule…

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I guess that’s a good point, but am I going to get sued because I didn’t mention where the water shut off is?
The owner would have done a walk through just 11 months prior with the builder, and all that was explained already.

I doubt it, lol. I just never considered deviating from the SoP without making adjustments to my PIA. I guess I have a stick up my a**. I need to get out more :rofl:


Full price maybe a little more, because you may have to defend your repair items to the contractor if your pulled into the fight…

Not necessarily. Many of those walk through orientations don’t get that involved, especially when all that stuff is in the crawl space. I’ve done several “11th month” lately where the home owner had no clue.


Or at least the perception of one :wink::wink::wink:

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I used to try and sell the full package 3-construction reports + the 1-year warranty at the beginning, I like commitment.

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That is crazy. Besides poor business practice there is no sensible reason for that. I would love to see how their Reports look.

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