11th Floor apartment inspection

Hey guys and girls,

I was called to inspect an apartment on the 11th floor in the Houston Galeria area. Any commercial inspector interested? I will give this buyer the contact info of the first Houston Commercial inspector who answers. People designating others will work too.


A single apartment is not a commercial inspection. Any reason why you consider it to be?

It was my impression it was a commercial inspection because of the number of units in the building.
When does it become a commercial inspection then? When the buyer is buying the entire building or more than 4 units?

I will reserve my answer so as not to confuse you, as you Texans have funny laws down there. :eek:

Typically, it would be the 4 units thingy. :wink:

Just got confirmation that it would be a residential inspection. The only way it would be a commercial would be if more then 4 units would be connected to each other.

Thanks for questioning me about this Jeff!

No problemo. So, now are you going to do the job? :wink:

Also, even if it was a commercial inspection, is there something preventing you from inspecting it? A Texas thing? Just curious.

I will be inspecting it. Their is nothing preventing me from doing it except if it needed to be inspected as a commercial property which I don’t have the training for/know what differences there would be.
I will however have questions about the electrical and what to look for if there is anything different from regular condos.


I will leave it there as this could turn into a much more complex discussion depending on what type of structure the building is.

Glad you are doing the work.


Essentially, it’s a condo inspection. The good news is you only have to inspect the interior and can depart from the standards for sections that don’t apply.

Thanks for the tip John!