12 foot outlet rule

When did this go into effect?


Curious, why do you ask? Are there not enough convenience receptacles to meet current standards?

Wow. 1956! :shock:

Larry, Just curious to let h/o’s know how much they got ripped off by the elect. here’s the room. probably 25 feet along wall between the two.


Is any point on the wall more than 6 ft. from an outlet?

There is NO WAY that is 25’ between those receptacles. That looks to me to be veeery close to 12’. I say 13’-14’ TOPS.

Was this a new renovation?
New construction?
Or simply added recetpacles?

If they were simply added to an existing room the “12’ rule” does NOT apply.

Richard, it looks so close to 12’ from my perspective, I probably wouldn’t even comment on the spacing in that picture.

This is not bad compared to what we see around here. In the county, outside the city limits, there is no AHJ, so it is not uncommon to see cheap spec houses that have maybe 1-3 outlets per room - tops !! Also, many without GCFIs. Makes it eay to inspect and write up !!

lol…so tell me about this infamous 12’ rule…last I checked there was no 12’ Rule…only a 6’ from any point along the wall type rule…lol…oh dear…dont tell me their is a mysterious 4’ rule out there for countertops also…lol

as a home inspector why would you feel the need to make an issue of this spacing…was it un-safe in Your opinion?..are You a local code official ???..I feel no need to keep up with all the recent codes…my job is to point out the current condition of a piece of property as i see it today…not as i would like to see it built today…yes …things are supposed to improve with time but it does not make all old things bad…if it is not unsafe…why make an issue of it?..just my opinion…jim

Good point, Jim. Sometimes I think inspectors get to involved with backing their claims.

I usually address the situation with an explanation of what ain’t right, why it ain’t right (not including reference to code), what might happen if it ain’t right, and get a licensed someone to make it right.

If anyone wants to know the code, I suggest they call an AHJ–they’re the code enforcers.

Searched Google and found this.

lol…what gave me a laugh about that article was the term “usable” being used…God I wish I had a dollar for everytime I make a guy add a receptacle to be in compliance with 210.52 and he/she brings up that term “usable”…must be written in crayon on their code book but it is not in mine…thehehehee