12 States affected by Tornado's

Our prayer’s and thoughts towards those affected by the storms in United States also.:frowning:

Is Toronto invading the U.S.??? :shock:

Thanks Jeffrey! Tornadoes
But according to the Media Rob Ford the Toronado is trying.LOL

The one which flattened Washington, Illinois passed within a quarter-mile of our church in East Peoria Sunday morning. After it went by we all came up out of the basement of the church and one of our friends rushed down the street to his home a couple blocks away to find it missing the roof. We spent the day moving them out of what was left of their home. They were lucky in comparison to others. Homes in Washington were totally obliterated.

500 homes damaged or destroyed by an F4 twister, most in a subdivision ranging from 5-15 years old. What is crazy is that it happened in the middle of November. The relatively good news is the reports that only list one death and 30 to 50 injuries. That could’ve been much worse.

Wow! I can’t believe just 1 death. Great to here many are OK.

More reports may unfortunately change that number for worse. The low numbers were partially due to the time of the storm, right at 10:45-11:15 when most church services were occurring.

Here’s some good photos from Washington where the majority of damage occurred. Our friend’s home is below. The difference is striking. After being there all day it was eye opening to see how little they had lost in comparison.

Contractors here don’t build for tornadoes, perhaps this will change.