Tornado destruction hits the south

We were nailed by about 45 tornado’s last night. So far over 60 people are reported dead.

My niece who goes to Union University in Jackson, TN walked away with minor injury’s when her dorm was destroyed by a tornado. However she lost her car, all her clothes, computer, and everything else she had in her dorm room.

We were very lucky at my home last night. My basketball goal was blown over and just missed my car and I lost about 10 shingles.

A local Mall was hit hard and people were hurt and killed.

A woman and her small child were reported dead and found in a ditch 50 yards from her home when it was hit. The report stated she never let go of her baby. I prey for her family and hope the very best for them.

I hope everyone who was effected by this the best and a speedy recovery.

Life can really flash by us. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.

AMEN Frank…Glad to see you are OK ! They still have not cleared roads to some of the worse hit areas, so I’m afraid the death toll could still go up. I went by Union University & it was truly a miracle no-one was killed there.

I just got off the phone with her and she said she could reach right out and touch the funnel.