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Thanks Dan Jones

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Nick, Thanks for all your help. I can see that you really do care for the NACHI membership. That says a lot about you and the NACHI organization. I can relate to your wanting to help people, I have at least 3 people a week ask me how to get into the home inspection field (that gave me the idea for the book). The book is 78 pages of how to make a lot of money in the home inspection field, because lets face it, home inspections is fun work but I really do it for the money. Next came the video (actually was just shot two weeks ago). New inspectors are always looking to do ride along inspections with seasoned inspectors, that is what the video is about. It takes you along with me on an actual inspection. I know when I started out, all the seasoned inspectors where scared to let any new guys get the business, and they were not too eager to let me go on an inspection with them. I have found out though, the more you help other people, the more successful you become. Thanks again for all your help, Dan Jones