150 Amp Service

1988 original panel to the home 150 amp panel 200 amp service. This inspection was for citizens. What would be your explanation of insufficient amperage be?

Where is the “insufficient amperage” located??


How is the panel 150 amps yet the service is 200 amps?


Huh? “Adding up the breakers” is NOT at all the way to determine size.


Back to basic inspection school.


And then some wonder why clients choose to skip inspections :expressionless: Harsh? you tell me!

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Thanks. that was kinda my thinking but was just looking for some clarification. Just makes it way more clear who’s here to help and who’s here to criticize. The breakers was supposed to be a joke but oh well. That’s what the homeowner told me was supposed to be in quotes.

Lee, there is always going to be constructive criticism here and it’s going to be for better understanding and knowledge. Research is your friend and will help in many ways.

Here is just one article that may be helpful.
How Many Breakers Can I Put in a 150-Amp Panel?.


I really didn’t clarify what i was asking. Left myself open for that. On top of the way spectora does that report I wasn’t sure what they were asking for. I pulled the pdf and figured it out. Thanks for the info.

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I’m always leary of articles from sources that claim…


Could be right JJ, but it did sort of explain 200 vs. 150 which is and can be confusing to some (me included) that electrical is probably our weakest knowledge.

I agree that’s why i was asking. The service meter is 200 amps and the main panel is 150. When they ask if it’s insufficient that’s where i get confused. What’s sufficient in their standards?

is there another disconnect at the meter?

Possibly but it’s locked.

Generally, (except above), my first question is: What is the MAIN Breaker rated at? 150A?

Assuming the Main breaker matches the panel rating, the 200A “Service”, (assuming there is no component rated less than 200A prior to the Main), has no bearing on the breakers in the panel.

You can remove half the breakers (if full) and it is still rated for 150A.
Add breakers until full (if not already) and it is still rated for 150A.

BTW… That 150A Main/Panel makes that home system a 150A Service for the sake of a standard home inspection report. Remember… “weakest link”.

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If what you’re writing is a four point report, when the form asks if it’s “insufficient” what it’s referring to is the total amps. For example if you have a 3 story 6 bedroom home with a 60 amp service panel then it can be considered “insufficient”. For the purposes of a four point inspection I wouldn’t mark a 150 amp panel as insufficient. However if you have service entrance cables rated for 150 amps but the main breaker is 200 then you would mark that on the form as a hazard, under improper breaker size (everything I’ve said is referring to a four point which is what I’m guessing you’re referring to).

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Why is that a hazard, if the breaker is smaller than the SEC capacity? The other way around would be a hazard, no?


Please elaborate.


Yes this is for 4 point citizens report. Trying to figure out what is sufficient for them. 200? 150? And what the explanation would be if it’s not sufficient according to their standards(Citizens)

Correct sorry, I miss wrote that. It would be a hazard the other way around. If the breaker is larger then the SEC