150amp Main to a 200amp distribution panel

Ok guys, i should now this one, but i am second guessing myself. I was discussing this with a buddy of mine and he got me questioning myself.

I have a 150amp main disconnect panel outside at the meter that leads to a distribution panel inside with its own main disconnect rated at 200amps. isn’t the 150amp followed by the 200amp wrong? In other words is the 200amp breaker over sized?

I would think the 200 amp breaker protects the panel, which can only suffer 150 amps at most anyway. I don’t see a problem… other than someone, looking at the breaker, might incorrectly assume they have a 200 amp service.

The 150 amp disconnect is the only “main” disconnect. The service installation the way you describe can not draw more than 150 amps.

Other than the potential problem that Nick cited (not a code issue) the installation is code compliant.

You should take the NachiTV electrical course, it addresses that nicely

Thanks, i was over thinking. Of course the 150amp main disconnect is going to regulate the draw to 150amps only.