Requirements for 200 amp?

Wrong place sorry!

Didn’t have 200 amp service. May have had a 200 amp panel but the 2/0 AL SEC would have made it 150 amp service.

So why the 200 amp panel?

200 amp panel can be used up to 200 amp service.

If the panel has a 200 amp breaker would it be okay?

The meter can be 200, the panel can be 200, the main disconnect can be 200, and the SEC can be 2/0 aluminum.

You have 150 amp service. No defect.

Wouldn’t that be like saying its okay to put a 30 amp breaker on 14 awg wire. What would be the difference.

Not the same thing at all. With the SEC, it is supplying the main breaker. A smaller rated wire cannot overload a higher rated breaker.

Now when a breaker supplies a conductor, that is different. It is supplying more amperage than the conductor can handle.

Home Inspection 101.

In other words, the main disconect is not an overcurrent protection device for the SEC. :wink: