16d nail for deck attachment

This is a first for me, and I have not seen a 16d nail for a deck attachment yet. I have see 8d and 6d. This is a upscale with a 2x8 for a rafter. Just wondering if you guys have seen this before.

I am really learning new things every day.

Could have been some kind of roof jack?

Nope Do not think I have but if 8D or greater that is where I stop looking and do not care what it is :). Once 8D or greater I mark that it is C.

If you mark other and describe chances are your client will get screwed. Just mark C when a larger or better nail and or tighter nailing pattern is observed.

Understand, just never seen this before. Homeowners said the other inspectors before me stated there roof was overdone to the extreme. This is an upscale community million dollar plus homes.

Nope, Straight Rafter. That is what I thought at first. But it wasn’t.

The bigger, the better.

All the shiners that I found were three inches. So half inch deck would make 3 1/2" nail 16d

Never buy what people state. Just politely listen and make your own decisions.

Most of the time homeowners, clients, etc… really do not have a clue. Just nod and smile and mark what you believe to be right and best for your client.

you know the saying “go big or go home”.

That’s what it looks like to me too. I have never seen a roof nailed off with 16d ring shanks. @Shawn…Was the roof at a fairly steep slope?

Yes, steep pitch, I would say 7 or 8:12 on a guess, didn’t use my pitch gauge

The jacks I was referring to have nothing to do with rafters, or structure. Particularly on steep roofs, roofers use temporary roof jacks to stand on and also hold material. Typically roofers use 16’s for this and just hammer them in after they are done with them. Careful roofers make sure to hit the rafter or truss though.:shock: Were all of the shiners in a horizontal row say every third or forth, maybe fifth rafter?
And generally spaced every 5’ or 6’ vertically up the rafters?

Couldnt tell, They used faced insulation between each rafter. This was the only open section I could get to. Client didn’t want me to take the insurlation off. Couldn’t find any other opening.

It is great when they do not wish you to remove the insulation. I always ask permission and ALWAYS make notes in their file when they say no. That way a year later when they say why did you not answer this or say no attic access I HAVE AN ANSWER.

I ask permission before I move ANYTHING especially cardboard crap at the end of the sofits that is there to prevent the blown in garbage from blocking vents. You should even record them if they do not want you to un attach it because I sure as heck am not going to re attach it. I think I have only had one client say no and they said no to me going in the whole attic.

If you un attach something and have not asked permission and made it clear your would not be re attaching you are LOOKING for trouble.

This is probably why you saw 16d nails like that…just a few inches apart. The scaffolding brackets (roof jacks) are hooked on them, and when removed the roofer just pounds them home.

Yep that’s what I was thinking of. :slight_smile:

I would have to agree

This is what I was looking for in this client’s house. Thanks everybody for helping out.

Same rating. But always good to confirm