NAIL SIZE? 8D or 6D?

Is it a 6d or 8d?

I can’t read the plywood measurement but this may help you:

looks like a 6 d

6D to me

Has to be a 6d. With 1 3/8" to 1 1/2" fastener showing below a 1/2" or 5/8" substrate ply it still would not come up to an 8D at 2 1/2"

I will go with a 6d…

Well just to be different, i see 1 5/8" of nail showing, i cant read the ruler, so i’m assuming 5/8" plywood, that gives me 2 1/4, so i’m going with an 8d nail, and assuming they didn’t bury the head.

Looks like a 6d…even the shank looks smaller than the roofing nail.

Looks like 6

6-6-6 :twisted:

Six (6) D



FYI, it is always a small d when referring to nail size.

Thank you Gentleman. Just needed to make sure I wasn’t loosing my mind!

6 d was my determination as well. The nail spacing was 6 x 12. I marked ‘A’ as the roof deck attachment.

The homeowner was unhappy, called in another inspector, who rated it as ‘C’.

Did you explain the definition of insurance fraud to the unhappy first degree misdemeanor committing scumbag, client and inspector

Unfortunately that guy was likely just stupid and uneducated in wind mits.

It’s going to comeback and bite him. The guy rated the '96 roof as FBC aswell (outside the HVHZ).

The agent called the inspector. He admitted that he had not even met the guy he sent over to do the inspection.

You should call the agent and ask if they are going too be an accessory to this crime

He should have not given a C on a 6 and 12 regardless

Exactly! That’s the point I made to the agent. Maybe he found some nail I didn’t see. Either way, it could only be a B at best…

One thing is to get it wrong. Another is not to know any better. But to be outright dishonest, is fraud.

I was lucky that the agent informed me of the events and allowed me to let her know what was really going on.

I agree that those are 6d nails. Keep in mind though that the 2 1/2" mentioned for 8 d nails is for a common or box nail. The 8d gun nails that the roofers are using are 2 3/8" If that nail measured 2 7/8" or more, it would likely be an 8d nail.