17 Book / 0 Monthly Fee

Business is picking up I know your getting busy :wink:

Inspector Office Pro is in full swing and just wanted to let you guys know for $17 a booked inspection / 0 Monthly fee you really don’t have nothing to lose. If a client cancels so does our $17 fee! All calls are recorded and all agents are personally trained by me. For those who don’t know me I own a full service inspection company in St. Louis… Residential, Commercial, Radon, Termites, Lateral Sewer ect. Questions you can call our office or simply call me personally at 314 805 2137! I answer calls up till 11PM.

Do you offer an exclusive InterNACHI member discount?

Yes sir $17 a month / 0 Monthly Fee for everyone. Was $99 a month plus $20 per book.

When you say “everyone” do you mean non-members too? What I’m asking is this: Do you offer an exclusive InterNACHI member discount?

Yes it’s for everyone across the board.

Nick, Looks like that is the “everyone” price according the website. However, I am looking into the service to see what they have to offer for my business. I just tried to call their office number but got a voice mail.

Edward Rossi, CMI
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731
Certified Master Inspector

I hope you are joking.


That is correct. If my agents are on a call with a potential inspection client they are trained to keep focus on those calls only. Our main office line is only answered right away if someone is not live with incoming calls. Anyone who joins Inspector Office Pro is told right up front if a problem ever arises or they just want to shoot the breeze call my cell phone directly… I always answer it unless I’m with a client (home inspector myself) and I shoot the breeze with many even 11PM at night. Call or email us anytime. Our email is always up right in front of agents… but again takes a back seat 2nd to live calls.

My cell: 314 805 2137 and I check clientcare@inspectorofficepro.com several times a day as well.

Americas Call Center doesn’t let your client’s calls go to voicemail.They’ve been around longer than most home inspectors have been in business. Go with the best, you won’t be sorry.

Maybe it was lunch time.:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

Neither does Inspector Office Pro Linus. Ed’s clients will not have our office number. Only Ed will and he will have a direct line to me.

Do not get to cocky as I had a job lined up for you and when I asked the woman how I talk to you immediately she offered to take a message and I hung up.
Not answering your phone caused me to call another Inspector.

I don’t do business with lackeys or underlings.

Call center should let your phone ring when it is requested by the caller.
No way to talk to the inspector means no referrals.

Bob remember they are in the business to book jobs and make money. Take a message and have the inspector book the job himself = No book fee for the call center. If a inspector calls looking to do a favor for another inspector I have no qualm getting the inspector on the horn for them. Yes it will mean no money made for me but I’m in business to help as well as make money. To stand up for ACC though they did take a messages and relay them to me without any questions when I was with them and we will do the same for our clients at no extra charge to include relaying good deeds from one inspector to another.

Oh well.
You should have asked her to have me call you. I would have gotten an email from them and returned the call.
This way I don’t have to deal with idiots or bargain hunters on the phone.:wink:
They sold more radon, termite and mold inspections in 4 months than I sold in 2 years. Well worth the money.
Clients also comment on how*** my office staff is very pleasant and professional***.
Also getting a lot of compliments about my ISN services.
To each his own.

That’s great Linus. If it works for you and your happy with the income your bringing in no need to recreate any wheels within your business. Just like ACC we offer great service as well. I don’t think any of us as call center owners are in business to do bad business for you guys. The problem at times could be a agent is just being lazy or don’t care and if a problem does pop up my clients are told to call me on the spot so I can correct the problem immediately. Rest assured my team is well aware they are employed to make you guys money. If they choose to be less than 100% professional they can be lazy somewhere else not within my organization.

Amen Billy.
My “office” booked an inspection of a 1025 s.f. condo for tomorrow. With radon, mold and termite inspections it’s $1010. My subs cost me $385.
$625 for me and $20 for my “office” Not bad for less than 2 hour’s work.:wink:

Pleasant is nice but I am mean and need instant results.
Asked for a direct line and she could not assist…oh well.

Business is Business and never waits.
Obviously the system is flawed.

I doubt the people who want a real Inspector to talk to and hang up ever bother call to complain as they simply moved on to me …:slight_smile:

4 hours ago booked a Friday inspection who was price shopping and said I was hired before giving the fee because I was the first one to actually care enough to answer my own phone and look at the listing with her.

Heck must be great to be rich enough to not worry losing a few here and there but I am hustling not delegating.

$15 is not chicken feed to me what with the $15 some give to recalls and another $15 to warranties and double the money back and gift certificates and taking Agents to lunch makes me wonder.

Heck at my normal rate I can afford to underbid…:slight_smile:

Gosh forgot ISN and if using online reports like Horizon that’s more profit down the toilet without even adding paying for newsletters,book giveaways ,etc no wonder some guys are forced to do 400 inspections a year.

Me I just do a plain simple Home Inspection and let others pay for Google Ads…LOL

Bob trust me when I say I met people doing 1.5 to 2Mill per year. All of the them had 1 thing in common. They all stated they couldn’t do it alone. A call center or even ISN can do wonders for you if “YOU” train the call center and set up your ISN right. Remember I work for you not the other way around. As a professional inspector myself I know what to ask when people seek my services. Yes $17 per call is chicken scratch when you make a good living like you can if you put the right resources in place.

So how many services are you paying for per inspection ?
How much per ?

Do you still inspect or did you give up ?