RingAlly has special InterNACHI member offer.


Hi everyone,

My name is Amir from Ring Ally.

We are happy to offer a special promotion exclusively to InterNACHI members.

We specialize in getting homeowners (future homeowners) interested in a home inspection to call to book an appointment! We use various marketing methods, including online, offline and mobile devices to find people interested in home inspections.

Promo details:

We are calling it our 1, 2, 3 deal and it is only available to InterNACHI members. Here is what we offer:

  1. $100 in telephone calls - FREE!

  2. $200 sign-up fee is WAIVED!

  3. 3 months of calls at a 30% discount!**

Visit our site at http://www.ringally.com/InterNACHI-Promo.html for details.

I’m here to answer any of your questions.

Amir Sperling
Managing Partner / Client Relations
Ring Ally

Funny you should mention what you do, I consider my self a expert in finding people that want a home inspection also. :shock::wink:

I have no doubt!

We’re just offering another avenue to get some good quality leads and we only charge once you’ve decided you are interested in speaking to the caller for 90+ seconds.

Where search engine marketing offers clicks, we offer phone calls.

If you’re marketing anywhere and paying for an ad placement, whether it be search engine, yellow pages, door hangers - you’re eventually looking for someone to call and book an appointment. We only charge once that call happens.

Sorry I was just jerking your chain, Been in the business since Mobey Dick was a minnow. As I have made statements to Nick in the past all the marketing I need is thermal imaging:D

He has made those statements. They’re incorrect, but he has made them.

You so funny:p;-)
Sorry I should have stated proper thermal imaging

“Our** standard fee is $50 for a call t**hat lasts at least 90 seconds”

Yikes !
Maybe I should see if they will pay me $25 a call to keep you guys talking…lol

LMAO Such a deal!

Hi Christopher,

That is correct.

We have been testing this out, covering a few smaller states. We have been charging $50 per call that lasts over 90 seconds. Our home inspector clients are reporting back to us that they are closing anywhere from 60% to 90% of calls that they are paying for. That’s $55.55 to $83.33 cost per sale.

The reason for a high conversion rate is this:

  1. We screen callers through an IVR menu that asks them all the hard questions. We only let the call through if they press 1 to all the questions (When do you need your home inspected? Is your budget more or less than $200. etc…)

  2. Home inspectors screen the call in 90 seconds and hang up if the caller isn’t qualified or isn’t interested in your services right away. We can set it up so the caller ID displays a number that lets you know the call is coming from us. ie. (012-345-6789). If you see that number, you’ll know you need to qualify the caller in the proper timeframe.

We suggest asking the hard questions at the beginning of the call (how soon do you need a home inspected, square footage, budget, etc…). If you don’t like the answers, advise that you are unable to help at this time and hang up. You won’t be charged for the call.

Note - purposely hanging up on clients that are interested and qualified and calling back is not allowed. We review all call to make sure that the right calls are going over the 90 second mark.

I am open to anyone’s feedback on price, duration (90 seconds), etc… and working this out to make everyone happy in the long run. Is $55.55 to $83.33 cost per sale too high? From what I’ve seen inspections can go for $150 to $500+.

I appreciate all comments.

Thanks - Amir

15% to 25% of my total standard fee is going to go to you for funneling “potential customers”

Amir, have you ever performed or been involved directly in a home inspection business? How do you know what questions to ask, unless you personally done them yourself.

You also expect the inspector to start blasting off several questions then hanging up when they are not right. Yeah thats a way to leave an impression.

Good luck with your venture Chief.


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the questions.

Yes, there is a fee for our service after the initial promotion, should you choose to continue. If you’re not hitting your ROI you can discuss this with your client service rep or cancel at any time. We’re offering a way for you to grow your business, outside of what you are currently doing. Your cost with our program is something you should keep an eye on and constantly measure. If you’re seeing that you are generating X amount of dollars from our leads and X% of that is our marketing cost, I think it makes sense if you are making a profit.

You asked if I have ever been involved in a home inspection business. I have not. We are a marketing company not a home inspection company. We work with companies in all different categories to generate leads. We will get people interested in a home inspection to call you and then you are the one to answer all their questions and make a sale.

If this is in reference to the IVR menu questions, we ask them to press 1 for sales or 2 if they are not interested in a home inspection or have general questions. You would only pay if they press 1 and meet all the other filters. If they press 2, we transfer the call to you anyway but do not charge. If they press 1, we also ask how soon they are interested in getting a home inspected, budget of more or less than $200 and depending on how the call comes through, we may ask for their zip code. You’re right though, you’re the home inspector and if you want to customize the IVR menu questions you can. This is part of the set-up process with your client services rep.

As far as blasting off questions is concerned there is a way to have it scripted where it sounds professional. Saying
“Thank you for calling ABC Home Inspections. Are you calling for information on getting your home inspected?
OK, great. What is your first name?
And is the home in the Orlando area?
Yes it is.
Thank you. And do you know the approximate square footage?
About 2,000 square feet.”

After these initial questions are out of the way and you have determined you are interested in pursuing this client, step away from the script and close the sale. If not, politely let them know that you are unable to help at this time.

We can work with you on scripting. But scripting has become a standard in customer service, no matter what company you’re calling. It also makes a company sound more professional and is expected by customers. If you ask questions the way I did (above) your customers will be grateful that you are not wasting their time. They don’t want to find out after 5-10 minutes that you can’t help them.

Keep in mind the IVR menu will do a lot of the screening for you as well.

I hope I understood your concern and answered your question properly. Let me know.


This is a link inviting other marketing companies to promote our offers. We do a lot of our own marketing, buying radio spots, newspaper ads, tv ads, etc… Another way we get more calls is to have other marketing companies promote our offers.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

2 companies that I am considering for my overflow charge $25 a month and 25 dollars per BOOKED inspection. Why are your fees at least twice as much?

Hi Juan,

What do you mean by overflow? Are you talking about an answering service that takes calls when you are away from your phone and tries to book an appointment? Are they doing the marketing for you to generate the calls or just answering the phone?

Our company does the marketing to generate calls for you. We don’t answer the calls. We send the calls to you (or your answering service) and charge only for calls that go above 90 seconds.

Let me know of this is what you meant.

So you market your company and get people to call you. When they call you, you send them to me. If I talk to them for 90 seconds, you charge me $50?

Yep that’s what I read. So book or not if you talk longer than 90 seconds you just lost $50. No thanks. I talk to all my leads more than 90 seconds. Typically 3 to 10 mins on average then another few minutes gathering their info once I sell my services. And anyone using my call center will get the same service as I give to my own potential clients looking to hire me as a home inspector.

Sounds like a super deal.:nah: