1865 stamped metal roof

Yesterdays inspection. 1865 Italianate home in Lake City, Minnesota.

Original roof.
I am doing an estimate for rehab also. Will be over 400K just to meet minimum standards for this 4000 SF home.


Good for you Thanks for the post .
We did one like this in about 2002 .
Our Picture below .
They bought it for $1,100,000.00 .
Still locks great and now for sale .


Wouldn’t want to walk that roof. :shock:

Amazing… any leaks?

no leaks… mostly Knob and tube . needed a new wire every where .
Lovely inside . 14 years ago~ too long to remember every thing .

Small restaurant big stove I said to purchaser be a good idea to put screen around stove .He said oh but I like it big time . I said some times Saturday night some drink too much and get a bit rowdy one falls against the stove gets burnt and you could be in trouble. WOW he said grabbed me and said I sure am glad we got you for the inspection .$100.00 bonus for us.

If you mean my roof, very little moisture intrusion.

Look at the underside of the metal shingles, still shiny from 1865 :shock:

Amazing why can’t they make stuff like the used too? :roll:

I told the homeowner if they saved any of the shingles they could probably sell them on Ebay.

151 years old and still shedding water. Only problems I found was the flashing in some areas.