New roof for old house

Just thought I would share this lovely roof structure upgrade on a 1925 home.



Where’s the beef? I mean where’s the membrane, drip edge too :smiley:

Chicago area get much wind Bob? They ought to secure that sheathing.

Yeah they did ,sorta…[ATTACH]


Anyone feel like sharing thoughts on the rafters ?

Rare booked up week in January after sitting on my backside last week.
Hope the rest go smoother and lots of variety with a duplex tomorrow,large far suburban McMansion and then a 4 flat on Friday.

The ridge connections are sloppy, for sure. I’d comment that the workmanship is amateur like. As it would appear that whoever made the seat cuts and plumb cut for the ridge didn’t do a very good job, I wouldn’t say they didn’t know what they were doing, they may have just not cared.

As far as concerns… yes. The shot you took where the seat cut was made… there appears to be a new plate of some sort, on top of the other. Any idea if it’s simply smaller than what the original was (2x4 new… 2x6 existing?) vs the concern of some wishy-washy seat cut and a cantilevered plate… that would be a concern. If it’s a 2x4 or similar plate sitting on another, but not hanging over load path/exterior wall… I’d say it’s amateurish, but not dangerous if well nailed. As I’m typing this and looking at your picture… I’m not seeing what I’d expect for a number of 16d nails to attach to existing plate… and where the seat cut may have needed to butt up against, meaning the new plate may be misaligned.

If the picture of the poorly sloped connection at ridge was a representation of many others… that’s crummy workmanship too, the ridge connections are going to compress over time to an extent. I’d probably see blocks to left and right of rafter to ridge, like a pressure block as a fix… but I’m not fixing it and you should probably :smiley: recommend a Framing contractor to further evaluate for repair, and to obtain costs to cure.

Lot’s of defects, for sure. Maybe a big storm was coming and they wanted to “button that baby up”

I think they did not care Tim.
Not a good area and rented.

The rest was far worse and a big safety hazard.Everywhere I went had to be careful not to touch live wiring in an occupied property.

I bet!!

If those plates aren’t nailed to well… you may have another hazard right there… A house 'o cards as they say!

Thanks for the clarifications on the issues and as they say…I report…they decide.

Biggest goof is often nobody cares enough to do much in certain situations and areas but should not assume anything and digging into a big report.
No rest for the weary.

Very poor quality work. They were able to get their hands on a nail gun but most carpenters can come closer than that to making a decent plumb cut at the ridge. Most carpenters could eyeball it and come closer than that. Stevie Wonder could eyeball it come closer than that.
Can’t tell if it’s dangerous from these photos but as Tim mentioned, I’d want to pass on the liability by recommending a qualified framing contractor.

Exactly what I am doing for this.

There’s no way to fix that. It doesn’t meet any minimal standard or code. Recommend removal of asphalt umbrella and replace with a proper roof system.

The fire inspector in me yells YIKES! Could you imagine showing up to a working fire and attempt to vent the roof? What a surprise!

This is a pure case of not knowing what you are doing and don’t care what it looks like as long as the paycheck is there.

Those plumb cuts is not even trying for god sake, and why two ridge boards and why not of sufficient depth for the plumb cut and the seat cut is not even in any framing book that I have seen in 45 years.
Where is the overhang, gutter, fascia, I can see out side. :);):smiley:

Just got in and all comments seem correct.
It was a joke.

Which part are you talking about ?

It is hard to look at… isn’t it? :smiley:

If I taught the person who did that, I’m not sure who I’d more upset with, myself or the carpenter (loosely used)

You never heard of abstract carpentry ?

That’s craptastic Bob. Totally craptastic.
The write up must have been a bear.

Only a 80 pager .
half the window seals busted ,all screens gone,unsafe stairs,foundation cracks in the cmu /stone look blocks ,hanging live conductors,bare wire in panel,bouncy floors,mice,loose service feeder from meter under enclosed porch,missing heat vents ducts,25 year old furnace with wiped serial and model numbers and on and on.*(occupied)

Bob a century home can be a killer at times.
Might as well say century home. Its 88 years young.
All the best this year buddy.