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I am doing my first inspection tomorrow of a home with a metal roof and was hoping to get a little guidance before going. Luckily, I get to do the exterior tomorrow and the interior on Monday when the current renters move out (it is a 4-plex). Besides the obvious like nail-pops, rusting etc. what is there to look at with respect to a metal roof? Are there any web sites out there that explain more about defects in metal roofing, or how to tell its age, life expectancy, proper flashing techniques etc.? Any help would be appreciated. After the inspection tomorrow I will post a picture of the roof for more feedback.

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Don't get nervous, I'm sure you can handle it. I don't get to inspect many metal roofs here in Massachusetts, but I can tell you that if they are properly maintained, a metal roof should last 40 years or longer. When inspecting a metal roof, look for rust spots. If rust appears, recommend a professional roofing contractor to scrape the corrosion off and paint the roof with special paint or compounds. Then he can re-paint the roof as needed to preserve its life.

Inspect a metal sheet roof by looking for cracks or open joints at the soldered seams. As the metal sheets expand and contract, stress is placed on these joints. The stress can break the seal and cause leaks.

As I stated, I'm no professional in metal roofing so here?s a site that?ll explain most of what you need to know about metal roofing.

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