Metal roof

do you all get on a metal roof?
i’m looking at an old, renovated farm house…2 story…

just wanted a heads up…what you usually do


Never I have inspected many and I can see many reason for not getting on.
( 1 ) easy to damage have seen it
( 2 ) easy to fall of do not like that idea.
( 3 ) If it leaks next week you who is going to get blamed .
I do put my ladder up in many places and look close frequently
find damage ,
Frequently find screws need tightening,
Find loose panels,
Find Critters entrances ,
Bad rust soon to leak,
Find bad paint jobs or worse they have fixed it with asphalt ( very bad )
Find no avalanche guards , Really needed in snow country as snow can leave in one fell swoop and Wow! of go the eaves trough,it can hurt or do damage ,like one I inspected and said that Avalanche guards would be a good thing to put on the roof . The owner Say’s OH! yea it came down on my Mercedes and did over $20,000:00 Damage , Roof fenders windshield and rad and ???

great - thanks.

I have installed many a metal roof. I wouldn’t recommend walking the roof at all. Way tooooooo slick. Too easy to damage. If it is standing seam, check the type of metal and post some pics from the edge of the roof, we can tell you more. Different metels have different problems, so it would be nice to know the type of metal first. Check and see if the flashings and any seams are soidered…

Stay off. Use binoculars.
Query Vendor as to age.


I agree with the last post, and being a Contractor Superintendent that has to go up and inspect the work that my Subs are doing, I would greatly discourage you from walking a steel roof over a 3" in 12" pitch.

Use a ladder and binoculars. Please. For your own safety.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

For once I agree with you guys about walking roofs, never, never on a metal roof!!!

AAH your no fun, To easy to agree with us . Thanks.

I just did one las week Aluminum Shingles and I reported that some one had walked them and showed where it was dented from his steps.
Looked like there was no serious damage but If I had not spotted it and reported it I would be the fall guy .

Hey Roy, only on metal roofs, I still walk the low sloped one’s.

Hey Roy, why are you a very sad NACHI member?

Hope it’s not from all the BS on the other threads!

I try to walk all normal Shingled roofs if I feel safe.

Yes it is from posts here and at this time I am sad for the attitude of a peson who seems to me to be trying to destroy NACHI.
To many negative things are being said .
To much information was being fed to Non Canadian Home inspectors that too have been using this information to degrade NACHi in Canada.
Have many more complaints but hope he problem goes away so I do not have to post them .
Things are nice and quiet and hope they stay this way Thanks for asking .
I can stand the heat but other things being said should never have happened.

I hear what your saying Roy, it’s just a shame how things get out of control.

Hang in there, tomorrow’s another day!

Hey Roy, want to buy a cookbook, I have a whole box of knock offs I’m trying to unload, maybe you could give them away peace offerings.

Roy post the info. I love dirt!