1x3 roof truss

I inspected a house today with 1x3 truss webs. I’m not too sure about the code requirements but is this legit? I can’t find anything about 1x3 trusses online.
The house was built in 1955 and there were no signs of movement.

Does anybody know anything about this?

They are built on site “trusses”.

Its been there for 58 years and you are concerned?

Just sayin’

I’m always concerned…it’s character flaw.

Thanks for the response Michael.

I would make sure I put this in my report . CYA.
Like .
Very unusual a first for me to see 1*3 trusses .
They have been here for 58 years and unless extreme circumstances like a snow load I expect they could be here for many more years…

It needs beefing up. They are home made "trusses. :roll::shock: Let a framing contractor, that uses a structural engineer, decide how.

Gee I wonder why, he is in snow country and they are Built before codes I expect .
I wonder how many of new homes now will be here in 58 years.

As a youngster working with the old man, we built many in the same fashion.
They were 1x6 rough sawn boards, ideally. Depending on the span we had, we sometimes had a board on both sides of the rafter and joist.

A few years later we started mimicing manufactured trusses and used gussets and 2x4 chords.

W-truss and Fick truss design was used.

I would write it up so it is noted, for you have no clue as to how many nails were used on the connections nor do you know exactly if the chord angles were placed and designed properly.

Stick building roof trusses is somewhat a thing of the past.
Mechanics of the trades is on the way out for that type of expertise. :slight_smile:

· **For The Record: **The roofs trusses are homemade meaning these were not designed by an engineering firm consequently do not come with any guarantees of performance. It may be wise to consult with a structural engineer or roof specialist to confirm their integrity.

Works for me. Some are far to concerned with CYA IMHO.

CYA is my middle name.

Just inspected a cottage where trusses were cut to have a cathedral celing look and all was fine according to vendor…till the next heavy snowfall me say!

Now this one I wrote up. Roof had 2 layers (top one a year old). Little ventilation. De-laminating paneling gussets. Manufactured home built in 1985.