Mono truss thoughts

Home was built in 79, there was no deformation / deflection to the roof observed. No diagonal bracing was observed (normal for this era), I will recommend the bracing be added. Top cords extend over the house wall but not sure about the bottom cord attachment over the ridged foam. What are your thought about this attachment to the wall? This was for the garage area.

Knee wall truss…
It depends on the nail length.

36 years in place and no observed problems.

Hmmmmm, let me think.

Hmmmmmm hope that’s not to hard for you.

I can figure not to get excited about it but that’s not what I asked. :roll:

You said no diagonal bracing was “normal” but you are going to recommend it anyway?

Like Roy said, it depends on the length of the nails but without any observable issues I may not report anything as defective.

Perhaps make a note and move on.

If those knees terminate on an exterior wall that are not correctly attached. Straps or clips need to be installed.

From his photos, they don’t

Then they are fine.

So we should not recommended anything that was done in years prior such as the way decks were built because it was normal then? Failure of things happen and should be taken into consideration yes or no?

I was going to just note it, but just wanted some other intelligent thought before I did.

You can do what ever you want…

It’s your call to make.

I call out improper deck issues all the time.

I was simply reacting to what you called normal and then recommending it anyway.

It seemed contradictory to me.

Are we talking diagonal bracing on the gables…?
No need anywhere else if 24" OC.

In my report “Summation” I include this…

“The structure appears to have been built using generally accepted construction practices,
techniques, and materials in relation to buildings of a similar age and style of construction.
As is the case in older structures, some items do not comply with present day code requirements.
Code changes and revisions are made continuously, therefore only the most recently built
structures are in total compliance. Changes in building construction practices (i.e. fasteners,
bracing, materials, etc.) have been made to further protect against wind and damaging weather,
particularly at gable end areas. It is possible in some cases, if desired, to retrofit existing structures
with additional bracing and fasteners to increase protection. If more information is desired
regarding this we recommend contacting a licensed contractor or engineer.”

Thanks Roy
The guy was a mechanical engineer and we talked about the bracing and he understood that it was normal back then and thought it would be a good idea to add before he adds drywall to the ceiling (fire separation). The wall had him confused and I thought it was okay but thought and knowing are two different things (I had a small amount of doubt) is why I asked.

I had something similar but I like yours. Thanks again Roy.

Addition bracing and fasteners are alway a good thing to do.
When we are building homes I use every acceptable piece of leftover lumber for additional bracing. Its better than throwing it in the dumpster.
I always up the straps and/or clips that are in the engineering.
It just makes me sleep better at night know the person who bought the home from me is a bit safer.

It is yours now.