2 day radon in kansas

I don’t mean to bitch ,but the 2 day radon class I paid alot of money for seemed like a big rip off. I really don’t think anyone except the guys who’d been doing it for years passed the test. I’m really not sure if they even did. The material had so many typo’s we spent most of the time trying to fix them. I don’t think the instructor gave us right answers on key questions asked. We didn’t cover alot of the material we really needed and the review for the test was a joke. He acted like we knew everything we needed to know and when test time came I felt robbed. They also pulled the,“oh we forgot to tell you the actual test is a a hunred dollars more”’ a week before the test after I already paid for the class. If I had a chance to I would of just put the money I spent there to a new radon detector and never would of gone.

Jeff -

I had a call last night from a NAHI inspector in Blue Springs, Missouri and another call today from an inspector out by Lawrence, Kansas almost parroting the same comments you made. They thought it was a giant rip-off, the instructor was not credible and felt we ought to let everyone know, in case they try to put this type of class on again. You might want to let the group know who put on this seminar.

You should have titled this “2 day Radon Class Rip-Off”

It should also be told to the Education committee.

Thank you!! One coming up here in July.

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Jeff, please contact me with details of the training and its provider (was this a NACHI sponsored event?) It is always distrubing to hear of ineffective training or that with little value.

I would be happy to look into this on behalf of members.




Is this the course that you are referring to?


The Colorado Course in July references the additional cost of the NEHA Exam.

It is also NACHI and CMI approved.


That’s the course I believe. I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t told about the extra charge on the test. I talked to three others that they did the same thing to. One guy couldn’t call them back in time and wasn’t able to take the test I call him the lucky one. Don’t get me wrong this could of been a good class but our instructor for some reason wanted to leave early the first day and not cover one of the most important sections. Then skimmed over the rest of the material right before the test.

When I got the call from them regarding this course, it was from one of thier salesman, he did tell me about the fee for the test after I ask him what the cost of the test would be. Out of curiosity, how many were in the class? This guy called me 3 times to register so I suspected there were not a lot of takers. He also told me it was NACHI sponsered. Glad I declined 3 times.

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Bernie Katz sent me this email as he cannot address these issues as he does not currently have posting priviledges on the message board. I will arrange for him to have member access next week but in the meantime hereis his email to me.

Obviously he is aware of the issue and I know him and ESA well enough to know that they will remedy the problem.



I was contacted by one of the Radon Groups and asked since I’m EPA Trained (back in 1992 the 1st time) and still NRSB Certified, if I would proctor people from this Training Session gone awry. I had a 10 day class of new home inspectors in session this past week, so I donated my time and our facility. I’ve already proctored one person - no fees to anybody.

If anyone else in this wayward class needs this service - call us or your Test Provider and see if they want us to proctor you.

Dan, thank you for donating your time to help get the wheel back on with this certification, that was a very generous gesture. Kudos