2 FLUKE TI-32's For Sale

I’ve honestly enjoyed the heck out of the Fluke TI-32 I’ve been using for the last couple of years but I’m kinda ready to upgrade. So here’s what I have:

-2 FLUKE TI-32 Infrared Cameras (List price is still $8,995/each at most places)
-2 Wide-Angle Lens (List price is $995/each)
-1 Telephoto Lens (List price is $995/each)
-1 Tripod Camera Grip Mount (List price is $99)
-2 really nice tripods that never got used more than 2-3 times ($75/each)
-4 batteries - 2 are brand new and 2 have been used. The 2 used ones still hold a charge for nearly 4 hours like they did when they were new.
-Both cameras obviously come with the hard and soft cases and all the user manuals.

One of the cameras has been used an average amount but it’s still in excellent condition. I’ve always kept a screen protector on it and treated it like it was as fragile as an egg. It’s definitely never been dropped, gotten wet, or anything that would have caused it any damage. I’ve probably treated it better than my girlfriend.

The other camera has honestly never even been used on a single job. I took it out, placed 1 of the 2 batteries in it, confirmed everything worked properly, took the battery out, put it back in the case and it hasn’t been touched since. It has a wide angle lens that hasn’t even been taken out of the box and everything else is still in the plastic. The battery charger hasn’t even been used.

Everything new was $21,224

It would be nice to get $13k for everything.

Please feel free to contact me if interested. I’d prefer to sell them together so I can go ahead and get a new camera on order with Jason or Tom but just give me a holler if you have any interest.

Brandon -

Which accessory lens / telephoto OR wide-angle did you get most use out of / like best.


I haven’t even taken the wide-angle lens off my main camera in probably 6+ months. I use it on 99% of all jobs. After using the wide-angle lens on the TI32, I honestly don’t know how people make it without it. The wide-angle lens provides you nearly double the amount of area being viewed which in turn makes finding anomalies far easier to identify because of having such a larger surface area to compare the anomaly to. I’d even go as far to say that having the wide angle lens shaves nearly 25% of the time off most home IR scans.

I like to provide alot of IR confirmation images within many of my reports and having the wide-angle lens allows me to cut the number of pictures in half. Instead of a bedroom needing 4 images to show 4 walls, I can now take 2 images showing 2 walls in each image. The wide-angle lens also makes images much easier for clients to identify, obviously because the larger the image, the better chance the client has of recognizing the area.

I would never consider buying another IR camera without a wide-angle lens. Once you start using the wide-angle, you literally can’t stop using it.

The tele-photo lens is a whole different story. It was actually kind-of a waste of money for me in particular. If your doing home inspections, you want ever touch the tele-photo lens. The only time I’ve ever used my tele-photo lens was when I was out scanning for wildlife or just screwing around. It’s just not needed for home inspectors.

What are you upgrading to?

Brandon - When you switch from regular lens to W/A does it affect your settings, calibration, etc OR is it just a switch out??

When you purchase a Ti-32 and W/A lens they come with an SD card with the specs to configure your lens to the camera, once this is done you just toggle between standard lens and wide angle thru the cameras menu, pretty simple, once you use the wide angle rarely do you go back

Terry … Not understanding your words. They all come with SD card???

One down and one to go. I got $6100 for my UN-used Fluke Ti-32 with the wide-angle lens.

Now I’d like to try and get $5700 for my used Ti-32 with a wide-angle lens, a tele-photo lens, a tripod adapter, a really nice tripod, and a $125 150-lumen light/laser which mounts to the top of the camera.

The LCD screen has always had a screen protector on it so there’s no scratches on it and all the lens are in perfect scratch-free condition.

Give me a holler if your interested or I’m gonna put it on EBAY here in the next couple of weeks.

You’ll get $5700, thats a good price.

Wanta sell the W/A