Fluke TI55 For Sale. Make me an Offer!

Hello all, I am offering up my very lightly used Fluke TI55 for sale. It is a slightly older model that doesn’t do the Picture in picture (no IR Fusion). It only has a couple hours of usage time on it and is in almost like new condition. It includes 2 batteries, Charger, 512mb CF card, and original fluke yellow pelican case. It also includes the manual and the computer software.

This unit features a 320 x 240 sensor and a very high sensitivity of 50meK (.05C). It also has a very broad range of temperature measurement (-20C to +600C). Please email me at homestea@att.net with any questions or if you want any pictures I can email them to you. You can also call or text me at (775)830-3289.

I am asking $5000 firm shipped via USPS Express (usually overnight).

Post it here in Classifieds: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f70/

Nice camera.
Something I would get.
best of luck

You’ll never get that much for it around here. You can buy a brand new one for the same price. These cameras don’t hold their value like they did 7-8 years ago. The camera’s are obviously getting way bigger and better with features but they’re becoming like cars. Once you buy it and use it, you just lost a couple thousand bucks(in general)…

I’d love to see where you can get a new TI55 for $7000? Maybe im not looking in the righ places, but The cheapest I can find is maybe around $15k. Most places I can find still have the unit priced at over $20k I don’t know who in their right mind would spend that kind of money on one though.

I would like to get at least $5500 out of it. Is that a reasonable resell value? Thanks for your help.

Jeff I looked at pricing for you Camera.
Maybe I have the wrong model number.
I had seval sites tell me lower numbers but I know that camera is excelent.
The resolution is supper.
A very nice camera that anyone with contemplation into the commercial field would love to have.
Opps I was wrong.
Expensive unit.
It had to be. The resolution is great.
Fluke Ti55FT10/20
Again, best of luck.

Hi Robert! Yes my camera is like the ones in the link you posted, except mine doesn’t have regular light camera for the Picture in picture mode like those do. The thermal sensor is identical though!

Sorry Nick for posting this in the wrong area. I didn’t realize there was a classified section! I’ll post it over there.

Item condition:UsedTime left:17 days 23 hours (May 29, 2012 06:14:49 PM PDT)

Price:US $6,499.00Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now**orFluke Ti-55 Thermal Imaging Camera Imager Infared Scanner IR Cameras TI55 NDT**

Brand New Condition! Never Used! Lots Of Accessories!

Item condition:UsedTime left:17 days 23 hours (May 29, 2012 06:14:49 PM PDT)

Buy it now price of $6,499.00 on EBAY

That is where you can find one for under 7K

That wasn’t at that price 24 hours ago. The only reason it’s that low is because mine is the one listed on there at $7000. I originally Intentionally priced mine below all the others. I don’t know if they would be willing to go down to $6000 like I would though.

That being said the new one on eBay has the IR fusion, so it is an excellent deal at that price! It doesn’t seem like it will take long to sell at that price point.

My bad!! I was thinking you were trying to sell a Ti32. I just assumed it was a Ti32 based off the price. There’s been quite a few folks trying to sell Ti32’s for $7k-$7.5k over the last few months.

That’s definitely an awesome price for a Ti55! I suppose you’re taking quite a hit by selling it for that low of a price but I would Imagine it would definitely sell for $7k.

Those camera’s have awesome resolution and a great display but I have no idea why Fluke doesn’t spend some time making some adjustments to those models like making them 20 pounds lighter and less bulky. It seems like Fluke has decided to devote their primarily efforts on building and releasing cheap model cameras and sorta leaving everything >=320x240 alone.

It’s really surprising to me that Fluke hasn’t added video recording, video out, touch screens, USB transfer, basically anything to the Ti-32 in nearly 4 years now while FLIR is trying everything from Bluetooth to Ipad Apps. FLUKE built a bad-*** camera(Ti32) for the time and then they just stopped. It’s kinda irritating seeing them come out with all these little small IR cameras but not add any features to their big cameras.

Anyways, I apologize for the mis-understanding. That’s definitely a great price you’re selling it for compared to the new list price.

Brandon I applaud your ethical stance.
Hope all is well.

Thanks Brandon! Apology accepted! I was wondering the same thing why fluke hasn’t kept up feature wise with FLIR on the high-end cameras. The only thing I can think is that the big fluke imagers used to be branded from a company called infrared solutions. They bought out that company. All that they did from my understanding was paint them the fluke yellow and put a fluke label on them. If you look up infrared solutions “flexcam pro” you will see what I mean.

I hope I can get about $6000 for the thing. Maybe if I just give it a little time.

I have lowered the price to $5000 Firm. This includes insured USPS Express Shipping. (within the lower 48 states only).

How do you have a Ti55 without a digital camera?

The Ti55 was originally a product that was developed by Infrared Solutions before Fluke bought them. They came with the digital camera when it was IR Solutions. Their claim to fame was the fusion technology, which is one of the reasons Fluke bought them.

I guess anything is possible, but I have never seen a Ti55 without the digital camera.

One thing that everyone should be aware of, as I used a TiR4 (Same camera without the high temp range) for a while…it is SUPER HEAVY! Other than that, the price is really good for the camera.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

see here:

they apparently offered this cam without the IR Fusion early on, and it looks like they eventually phased it out and replaced it with just the TI55FT model…

the sensor remains the same though with the good thermal sensitivity (50mK), fast refresh (60Hz) and high measurement range (-20C to 600C)

Price reduced to $4000 plus shipping. I cannot go any lower than this. payment must be via immediate paypal +3% or mailed as a cashiers check via USPS Express.