Fluke TIR 32

I have A Fluke TIR 32 for sale less than a year old $7,500.00 This is an amazing camera

For more information or to contact Kraig.


I paid $6,800.00 for the high temp TI32 with a wide angle lens included…you must have paid full retail asking this for a used Cam.

Its not worth more than about $5,500.00 if your lucky.

Yep thats what i paid for mine several months old,5000.00 Plus got a mold pump tossed in .
good camera though.

Wayne… was that new or used price?

John it was used ,Bought it off fellow member , it was 4 months, he was ill and was getting out of the business. he added the mold pump with it. great deal for me

Nice price Duffy. With FLUKE’s rebate program, our students can get the Ti32 or TiR32 for even less.

John mine is the Tir 32

Best price NEW I got was $7200 … Then throw in Flukes $1000 rebate and it could be a good deal for the Ti32

Not to beat a dead horse but it’s just irritating to see these cameras becoming so unbelievably cheap.

Thermal Imaging could have remained a professional career field with the designated title “Infrared Thermographer”. Now it’s just turning into another tool that the majority of home inspectors will have in their bags.

Kinda like a multimeter. Maybe only the very experienced electricians will know how to properly use every function of a real fancy multimeter while the majority of all electricians will still own them.

I’m beginning to have a hard time justifying high priced thermal imaging training as I keep seeing the price of camera’s drop by over $1k every 6 months. Fewer an fewer folks are going to be willing to pay $1800+ for training when the cameras are being sold for $3k bucks. Sorta feels like “Infrared Thermographer” is becoming a dying breed as the cameras are becoming so cheap to where plumbers, electricians, roofers, radiant heat systems installers, home inspectors, energy auditors, etc… all own a camera as an additional tool.

How many Certified Level 1 or 2 thermographers do you see when you search for them in Utah. Many plumbers and electricians may have thermal imagers, but without training and experience, they’re worthless. I get hired based solely on my training and experience, I stress that when potential clients contact me. Let your potential clients know that most of the home inspectors and tradesman are merely “camera wavers”.

Did cheap digital point and shoot cameras put an end to the market for professional photographers? Professional photographers use professional class equipment and have the skills, training and experience to get paid for what they do. Why would thermography be any different? When I get called to do an electrical inspection for loss prevention, they typically want Level-II ASNT-TC-1A compliant certification or higher.

If you forego advanced training because you feel cheap imagers are too cheap. You will relegate yourself to “waver” status and will miss out on the more lucrative work.

I just bid 267,000 SQ FT of commercial electrical 16 different buildings and I would not have been considered if I had stayed level I or as some say certified, Certified in what I have no idea. Some don’t like the number game but it just defines your level of education. Certified being at the bottom of the barrel just scratching the surface. Don’t look for instant gratification, IR takes time and effort to learn. Quit Pu88y footing around and find yourself a successful mentor and do what they do:D:D

Yeah I know McKenna…I forgot about the $1,000.00 rebate Flukes offering, so that makes the TI32 Cam $5,800.00 and some pocket change…

If you can beat that price post the price you can get the cam for without ripping someone off with your “Instant Certification”----:smiley:

InterNACHI issues the certification not me.
It requires 110+ hours and it is not instant.

More education is always better and there will always be someone who has more than you.
Those who just want to do home inspections at this time are OK too. Everyone has to
start somewhere. It is a character flaw to mock those who are getting started or do not
take the same path as you. Live and let live.

Dale & John -

Your source has quoted his best deal to several of us at $7,450 delivered for the TiR32 or Ti32 not the $6800 Dale got. AND no W/A lens.

We had another group out of San Diego quote $7,000 and $7,200 depending on cc or cashiers check.

Nope… we get em lower than that. :mrgreen:

Who is offering the best deal on the fluke cameras? Dale, Can you tell me where you purchased your TIR32 from?

John, If you have any leads on cameras I would like to hear from you, but I am not interested in the class.


Steve -

Best deal several of have got from Johns source is $7,450 delivered THEN Fluke has a $1,000 rebate on the Ti32 or TiR32 till 12/31 making your total price

$6,450 after rebate.

Hey Dan, Thanks for the information. I have found a dealer that will sell the camera TI32 for $7400 if I buy before the end of the year. I had also gone to a free Fluke training class and received a $500 rebate certificate. supposedly I can still use the $1000 rebate with this $500. If anyone has a better deal out there let me know.